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New Leadership Team at ASCCA [RR 699]

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Key Talking Points

  • ASCCA- Celebrating 80 years
  • Joining associations- getting involved to make changes, unite shop owners and give them a voice. Elevate the industry together.  
  • Growing membership and advocacy- every business owner needs to be a participant. Simplify and clarify the message- sign up and be a part of the group. Attend 1 meeting and understand why virtual interaction will never replace the importance of live human interaction. 
  • Be cooperative instead of competitive with local businesses 
  • Retention of members- Future Freemium Membership to lower the barriers for people to participate for first-time members and retired members, value proposition, what do you do for the association, create more opportunity for yourself and others. 
  • Broaden your mind to career paths
  • Revamp the meetings- dinner at different shops. App for the future with news, chapter meeting information/address. 
  • Don’t ask for too much right away- there are different levels of participation in association

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The Panel

Carolyn Coquillette of Luscious Garage, San Francisco, CA is the new ASCCA President. She’s also the Founder and CEO of Shop-Ware. Look for Carolyn’s other episodes HERE.

Rocky Khamenian is the owner/operator of Bimmer & Benz Specialists in Costa Mesa, located in south Orange County, CA. He is an active member of Chapters 48 and 50 of the Automotive Service Councils of California. He has served on the Board of Directors for those chapters. He’s achieved the status of Master Technician through ASE and he has completed a wide variety of technical classes on the repair and maintenance of BMW and Mercedes Benz vehicles through WTI. He is becoming certified as a Bosch Master Technician. Look for Rocky’s other Episodes HERE.

Rory Balmer of Twin Peaks Auto Service in Twin Peaks is the outgoing ASCCA President. ASCCA Past President Mary Kemnitz says Rory is “One of the most effective committee members I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He has won the “One Member Can Campaign” twice. He has had a significant impact on the growth and energy within Chapter 14. Look for Rorry’s other episodes HERE.


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