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Live From AAPEX 2021 With Bill Nalu and Tom Schearer

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  • Have you checked out Joe's Latest Blog?

      A recent study, done by Harvard Business School, concluded that the real problem with attracting and retaining employees has more to do with the workplace environment, not pay or benefits. While the study did find that an adequate pay plan and offering an attractive benefits package did help with recruiting and retention, it’s not enough to satisfy the needs of employees, especially those of front-line workers.
      The study also stated that in 2021, many companies were convinced that giving raises, sign-on bonuses, and other perks would solve the worker shortage problem and prevent people from quitting. However, this strategy did not work. So, what does work regarding attracting quality people and keeping them employed?
      Essentially, it all comes down to the culture of your company.  Management: do all it can to consider the individual needs of your employees. Your employees want to feel that they have a voice, that their opinion counts, and that their role in your company is both respected and recognized. Yes, pay and a great benefits package will go a long way toward making your employees feel secure, but that’s only financial security. People want more than money.
      To attract and keep top talent requires creating a company that people feel proud to work for. You need to reach the hearts and minds of your employees. Become a leader that people are enthusiastic about working for. You want your employees bragging to their friends and family that your shop is a great place to work!
      Step one to attracting and retaining quality employees: Create an amazing workplace environment for your employees!  Trust me, happy employees make happy shop owners too!
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    • By ASOG Podcast
      Watch Cecil Bullard Coach This Auto Repair Shop Owner Live!
    • By carmcapriotto
      During Today's episode #106 Work Flow for Auto Repair Shops We Talk About:
      What’s the Problem What’s the fix Steps to correct the issue  
      This episode is sponsored by AutoLeap. AutoLeap is a cloud-based all-in-one automotive invoice software that helps you supercharge your mechanic shop. Their customers have experienced:
      30% increase in revenue by improving transparency and trust 50% reduction in time spent researching and ordering parts 10% increase in profit margins through robust reporting  
      In this podcast episode, Coach Chris Cotton Owner and Lead Coach from Autofix Auto Shop Coaching hosts Rodney, an automotive shop owner with 25 years of experience with two shops, to discuss workflow for auto repair shops.
      Brent, another coach from Autofix Auto Shop Coaching, also joins the conversation. The speakers discuss challenges in managing workflow, improving efficiency, and attracting and retaining qualified technicians.
      They suggest implementing digital processes, hiring more service advisors and technicians, and separating the shops to focus on specific services. The episode provides practical advice and suggestions for improving shop workflow and emphasizes the importance of going digital and improving parts-receiving processes.
      Click here to learn more about AutoLeap and schedule a demo: http://bit.ly/3GRgO88
      Don't forget to rate and review us!
      Connect with Chris:
      [email protected]
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AutoFixAutoShopCoaching
      Youtube: https://bit.ly/3ClX0ae
      **Introduction [00:00:02]**
      Coach Chris Cotton introduces himself and Coach Brent and Autofix Auto Shop Coaching, thanks to AutoLeap for their support, and previews the episode.
      **Rodney's background [00:01:48]**
      Rodney introduces himself as an automotive shop owner with 25 years of experience and two shops, and explains his interest in improving shop workflow.
      **Softball questions [00:03:09]**
      Chris asks Rodney about his favorite superhero growing up and what he wanted to be when he grew up.
      **Rodney's career progression [00:04:19]**
      Rodney talks about growing up in Florence, South Carolina, transferring schools to study auto mechanics, and starting his own business at 19 years old.
      **Brent's question [00:06:21]**
      Brent asks Rodney about his shop's current processes for intake and creating shop flow.
      **Workflow and Customer Service [00:07:13]**
      Rodney explains the workflow and customer service model in his two auto repair shops.
      **Shop Management System [00:09:08]**
      Rodney shares that he uses Mitchell in both shops and Brent asks about the digitalization of the process.
      **Estimate Presentation [00:12:55]**
      Brent asks about how estimates are presented to customers and suggests using text messages with links to the estimate.
      **Ordering Parts [00:14:08]**
      Brent asks about who orders parts and Rodney explains that the service advisor orders them electronically.
      **Technicians writing up parts list [00:14:47]**
      Coach Chris suggests having technicians write up their parts list and labor times to avoid parts ordering and receiving issues.
      **Adding another service advisor [00:15:47]**
      Coach Chris recommends adding another service advisor to increase car count and build better customer relationships.
      **Receiving parts efficiently [00:16:41]**
      Coach Brent suggests having a good process for receiving parts to avoid inefficiencies and roadblocks.
      **Verifying parts before scheduling [00:18:15]**
      Rodney explains how they verify all parts are received before scheduling a job.
      **Tracking technician productivity [00:19:42]**
      Coach Chris asks about tracking technician productivity and Rodney admits they are not 100% productive.
      **Feeling overwhelmed [00:20:58]**
      Rodney shares how his technicians feel overwhelmed and he is considering slowing down the car count to avoid burnout.
      **Hiring more technicians [00:22:46]**
      Coach Brent asks about the number of technicians and bays in Rodney's shop, suggesting he has room to hire more technicians.
      **Workflow and Technician Productivity [00:23:08]**
      Discussion on how to improve workflow and productivity by hiring more technicians or production apprentices and leaving technicians on a job.
      **Recruiting Qualified Technicians [00:24:14]**
      Difficulty in recruiting qualified technicians in the area and efforts to improve the quality of the tech school.
      **Individualizing the Shop [00:25:27]**
      Efforts to separate the shop and individualize it by putting it in different sections and shifting tasks to technicians based on their strengths and weaknesses.
      **Recruiting Technicians from Other Areas [00:27:15]**
      Suggestion to recruit technicians from other areas by raising the labor rate, offering more benefits, and using recruiting platforms like Indeed or a new company that guarantees a hire.
      **Digital and Paperless System [00:30:54]**
      The speakers discuss the benefits of using digital and paperless systems to speed up the workflow in auto repair shops.
      **Efficiency in the Shop [00:31:51]**
      The speakers talk about the importance of efficiency in the shop and suggest small changes that can make a big difference in reducing the number of steps technicians take.
      **Segmenting the Business [00:33:33]**
      The speakers discuss the possibility of segmenting the business into two different shops, one for auto repair and one for transmission, to better track and manage profitability. They also discuss the challenges of parts availability and time constraints in the transmission business.
      **Transmission Shop Profit Margin [00:38:38]**
      Discussion on the profit margin of a transmission shop and the potential for increased profits through additional repairs and maintenance.
      **Workflow for Transmission Shop [00:39:46]**
      Discussion on the number of R&R techs and builders needed for a transmission shop, as well as the use of remanufactured parts.
      **Separating Auto Repair and Transmission Shops [00:43:37]**
      Discussion on the potential benefits of separating auto repair and transmission shops, including improved workflow and the need for a new marketing strategy.
      **Workflow Improvement Ideas [00:46:18]**
      Discussion on improving workflow by having a call center, cloud-based system, and separating shops.
      **Mitchell System [00:47:01]**
      Discussion on the use of Mitchell system and its limitations.
      **Cloud-Based System [00:50:15]**
      Discussion on the benefits of a cloud-based system and the possibility of switching to one.
      **Summary of Improvement Ideas [00:52:34]**
      Summary of the discussed improvement ideas, including going digital, hiring more technicians, and improving parts receiving process.
      Don't forget to rate and review us!
      Click to go to the Podcast on Remarkable Results Radio
    • By carmcapriotto
      "Keep a cool quarter of a million? Or give it away.... You’d think that was self-evident, but usually, companies are unintentionally giving it away. If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve got enough worries on your plate when it comes to making sure everything in the business is running smoothly. You don’t have the bandwidth to take on another project, especially one this large—that has the probability of costing the company thousands of dollars in repairs, overages, gas...the list goes on. Recently we helped a company drive down the cost per mile from 48 down to 36 cents per mile by showing them how they can run their vehicles longer for more mileage and reduce their total investment in that vehicle, therefore, lowering the cost per mile. They were replacing their vehicles every hundred thousand miles. We showed them how much they can save by extending the mileage to double and triple which...came out to a cool quarter of a million dollars. That’s where we come in. We help businesses just like yours run more smoothly with less breakdowns, less downtime, and more profit in their pocket at the end of the year." Bill Deboer
      Bill DeBoer, DeBoer’s Auto Sales & Service. Listen to Bill’s podcast episodes HERE.
      Show Notes
      freefleetbook.com Growing with fleet and retail- had office space next to the current location, rezoned it highway commercial to be recycled and added 6 bays. RR 481: David Saline – Start or Grow Your Fleet Business Wrote the book to try to speak to those people so that we can acquire more fleets and bring people into their wheelhouse, but also help out those people that aren't to the point where needing a fleet management team, but they're just trying to survive on their own. Downloadable PDF- cost per mile, vehicle maintenance tracker spreadsheet etc "The fractional fleet management program, where they can hire us, we can manage their fleet for a fraction of the. Because we're doing it on a fractional-time basis, they don't need that full-time management. But at the same time, they get all the same perks and benefits." Get 30 vehicles collected with only one or two contact points. So now you're not making 30 individual calls; you're making one phone call. You get a good relationship going with the key stakeholders and the decision-makers in those fleets.  Telematics- all that data gets pulled into our fleet management program as we set up these vehicles on the maintenance schedules as they hit their miles. Share it with their prospects for fleets
      Thanks to our Partner, NAPA AUTO CARE Learn more about NAPA AUTO CARE and the benefits of being part of the NAPA family by visiting www.NAPAAutoCare.com Connect with the Podcast: -Join our Insider List: https://remarkableresults.biz/insider -All books mentioned on our podcasts: https://remarkableresults.biz/books -Our Classroom page for personal or team learning: https://remarkableresults.biz/classroom -Buy Me a Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/carm -The Aftermarket Radio Network: https://aftermarketradionetwork.com -Special episode collections: https://remarkableresults.biz/collections
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    • By carmcapriotto
      How do you stop having a job and start having a business? It all begins with the foundation of core values. Don't 'thesaurus' your way to writing them down once on a piece of paper. Your core values are the essence of who you are and what you stand for. And guess what? Your company's core values involve your entire team too.
      Watch Episode HERE
      Aaron Woods, X-tra Mile Auto Care, Stillwater, OK. Listen to Aaron’s previous episodes HERE Judy Zimmerman Walter, Zimmerman’s Automotive, Mechanicsburg, PA. Listen to Judy’s other episodes HERE.
      Show Notes:
      It is not what we do, it's who we are at our very inner core. A core value provides that concrete foundation for us to be able to build people and build companies. You do things better when you know where you start, stand, and where you're starting from. Core values give that navigational beacon for everybody to be rowing in the same direction at the same speed. How do we know how to measure accountability without knowing what to measure it against? And what better thing to measure accountability against than the very core principles by which your company is founded How are you implementing core values? Quarterly conversations with each of your staff members- grade each other on the core value alignment.  Meetings away from the business- getting away from the workplace, being away from the day-to-day activities and the distractions.  Post your core values everywhere- forward facing. Empower your team. 
      Thanks to our Partners Shop-Ware and Delphi Technologies Shop-Ware: More Time. More Profit. Shop-Ware Shop Management getshopware.com Delphi Technologies: Keeping current on the latest vehicle systems and how to repair them is a must for today’s technicians. DelphiAftermarket.com
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    • By carmcapriotto
      Bill Thompson, President of IMR.INC brings to the podcast a recent release of the United States household perception of the trades, focusing on the automotive career path. Find out who recommends our industry to young people as a career path, the perception of the automotive industry, and more. Bill Thompson, President of IMR Inc. Listen to Bill’s previous episodes HERE Key Talking Points
      Research once every quarter since 2020, talk to 25,000 households about their perception of the trades in the United States on the auto industry Roughly 46% of parents are talking about college as an option, 33% of the children were seriously considering that as an option. About 30% of those same children thought about entering the workforce immediately. Disconnect with parents and children. More kids prefer to entering the workforce immediately than go to community college or trade school How are the trades perceived? 18% are talking about career options with their child. 65% of the households would recommend the trades as a career option. Parent advocates for the trades- Rural America has the highest likelihood to recommend at 62% recommendation rate. Urban is next to 52.2, and then suburban 42%.  The people that are least likely to recommend the trades are people with a four year college degree  Are we even willing to recommend ourselves? The education path to becoming an automotive technician is unclear,  Career opportunities for women are abundant. But women themselves do not believe that there are opportunities for themselves The general perception- working as an automotive technician is a job, not a viable career. The good news is only 17% of people agree that it's a job and not a career, 44% disagree.  automotiveresearch.com
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