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[Podcast] RR 434: Training Talk – Daytime vs. Night Time Training | ASE Certification | Instructors and Students

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Recorded at the AVI Spring Training Event in Fort Myers, FL

Marty Depowski is an Automotive Instructor at Wayne County Community College, Michigan

David Myers is an Automotive Instructor at Southwestern Community College, North Carolina

Dwayne McCarty is a Technician at Martins Garage, Ft. Myers

Key Talking Points:

  • Daytime vs night training
    • Daytime- more alert, retain information and training better
    • Commitment- technician has to have the drive to continue training and education   
    • More you learn more money you make  
  • ASE certification
    • Higher pay for more ASE certifications
    • Local shops starting to pay technicians to take ASE testing and time to take a test
    • Some shops don’t pay because worry about the loyalty of technician once they are educated- will they get poached from other shops, no excuse to not train  
  • Instructors for automotive schools
    • Receive training at events, seminars, online training
    • College, sponsors, and vendors pay for instructor training
  • Student education
    • Keep students engaged, balance lectures with hands-on experience
    • Visual learners  


  • Thanks to Dwayne McCarty, David Myers, and Marty Depowski for their contribution to the aftermarket’s premier podcast.
  • Link to the ‘BOOKS‘ page highlighting all books discussed in the podcast library HERE. Leaders are readers.
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This episode is brought to you by AAPEX, the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo. AAPEX represents the $740 billion AAPEX_logo_CMYK_with_tagline-1440x621.jpglobal automotive aftermarket industry and has everything you need to stay ahead of the curve. With 2,500 exhibiting companies, you’ll see the latest products, parts, and technologies for your business. The event also offers advanced training for shop owners, technicians, warehouse distributors (WDs) and auto parts retailers, as well as networking opportunities to grow your business. AAPEX 2019 will take place Tuesday, Nov. 5 through Thursday, Nov. 7, at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas. More than 48,000 targeted buyers are expected to attend, and approximately 162,000 automotive aftermarket professionals from 135 countries are projected to be in Las Vegas during AAPEX 2019. For information, visit aapexshow.com

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    • By carmcapriotto
      Your weekly broadcast production with wisdom shared by our guest host and a virtual shop tour. There is a trivia challenge. 
      Dwayne Myers talks about technician career paths. Dwayne’s previous episodes HERE Virtual Shop Tour by Jonathan Ortiz from Foreign Affairs, Palm Beach, FL. Jonathan's previous episodes HERE Trivia Challenge:  

      Dorman gives people greater freedom to fix vehicles by constantly developing new repair solutions that put owners and technicians first. By always innovating, Dorman has led the way in growing the aftermarket. Here you will see a few examples of a Dorman OE Fix. An OE FIX is a Dorman repair solution you can’t get from the original equipment manufacturer. It means they found a situation where they believe the OEM wasn’t giving repair professionals what they wanted, so we fixed it. Everything Dorman does is centered around providing customer value, both in the quality of products, and the creativity of solutions. Our engineers and designers go out of their way to save repair technicians time and save vehicle owners money. Want to really go under the hood? Take the Dorman Virtual Tour at www.DormanProducts.com/Tour
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    • By carmcapriotto
      Bill Haas, AAM, is the owner of Haas performance consulting LLC, with 40 years of experience in the automotive service and repair industry. Clients have access to Bill’s solution-based focus, expertise, unique perspectives and in-depth knowledge of the industry.
      Bill began his career working part-time at a full-service gasoline station in Appleton, Wisconsin. His career includes time as a technician, shop owner, technical trainer and on the staff of the automotive industry’s oldest and largest association representing automotive service and collision repair businesses. While at the association Bill had the opportunity to work with all segments of the industry.
      His knowledge of the industry has been shared on many occasions as he has been invited to speak at numerous industry events as well as providing testimony at hearings of the US Congress and several state legislatures on important legislation and regulation affecting the automotive industry.
      Bill received the Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) credential from the automotive management institute in 1996 and has been a member of the automotive management institute’s faculty since 2002.
      Bill is also the business manager for NACAT, the North American Council of Automotive Teachers. His services include business management seminar development and delivery, keynote presentations, business consulting, performance coaching, and strategic planning facilitation. Listen to Bill’s previous episodes HERE.
      Bob Greenwood, AMAM (Accredited Master Automotive Manager) is President and C.E.O. of Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre Ltd. (AAEC). AAEC is a company focused on providing Business Management Resources and Development for the Independent Sector of the aftermarket industry. AAEC content and technology is recognized as part of the curriculum of the Fixed Operations Diploma and the Aftermarket Degree courses taken at the Automotive Business School of Canada at Georgian College located in Barrie Ontario Canada. This school is the leader and only college in Canada that offers an automotive business education. AAEC is also recognized by the Automotive Management Institute (AMI), located in North Richland Hills, Texas USA, allowing 80 credits for successful completion of the AAEC E-Learning portion of the site towards the 120 credits required to obtain the reputable Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) designation.
      Bob has over 40 years of Business Management experience within the Independent sector of the automotive aftermarket industry in North America, consulting Independent retail shops on all facets of their business operations. His 18 years of running his own local consulting and accounting firm in Ottawa, Ontario Canada created some of the most productive and financially successful entrepreneurs within the Independent sector today.
      Bob is one of 150 Worldwide AMI approved instructors. He has created Business Management development courses for aftermarket shop employers/managers, Jobbers and Jobber Sales representatives which are recognized as being the most comprehensive, industry-specific courses of their kind in North America. His courses address the creation of measurable bottom-line profitability and not just developing activity to keep busy, by covering the very detailed nuts and bolts issues that are required to be clearly understood by every level of the industry if an independent shop is going to financially prosper and enjoy a professional future. Bob’s previous episodes are HERE.
      Link to Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre Ltd. (AAEC) HERE.
      Brian Gillis is the Chief You Net Results Strategist, with 25+ years experience in auto shop operations, hiring, recruiting, systems, processes, multi-store experience, and employee training. Brian’s previous episodes are HERE.
      Key Talking Points
      CAMP- Coalition of Automotive Management ProfessionalsStarted with a brainstorm 2 years ago- a casual get together with trainers at Vision 2019 Shops should spend time with like-minded people, peer network with each other- coaches need the same  As of March 2021-Legal entity   Group of like-minded individuals that want to move the industry forward- find the shops that need help and make sure they receive help Keep the consistency of message in the industry  Business coaches also need to be adapting and improving  Automotiveprofessionals.org Important takeaways Multishop ownership vs single shop ownership- you don't need multiple shops to be successful to stay relevant or a victim of consolidation  Have a life outside of the business Average of 5 bay shop- missing between $25-30,000K net profit per bay per year Having a coach doesn’t mean you’re out of the business- owners want to be able to enjoy working on their business and still being a part of it Why are we afraid to help others? There is no secret, it’s time to help people move forward  
      Thanks to Bill Haas, Bob Greenwood and Brian Gillis for their contribution to the aftermarket’s premier podcast. Link to the ‘BOOKS‘ page, highlighting all books discussed in the podcast library HERE. Leaders are readers. Listen for free on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spreaker, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Podchaser, and many more. Mobile Listening APP's HERE Find every podcast episode HERE. Every episode is segmented by Series HERE. Key Word Search HERE. Be socially involved and in touch with the show:
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      The NAPA Smart Sign, previously known as Digital Menu Board, gives your shop a professional, state-of-the-art look and feel. It’s a great way to educate and inform your customers about needed repairs and service, plus increase awareness of your current promotions. NAPA AutoCare Center that have installed a Digital Menu Board found one out of five consumers ask for a repair or service they’ve seen on the board. Targeted promotions resulted in double-digit increases. You choose the content from a library of auto care service and repair topics. The latest NAPA national promotions are downloaded to you automatically. And with the Digital Menu Board it’s easy to change your services, prices, and video content anytime you’d like. Talk to your servicing NAPA store to find out more.
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    • By carmcapriotto
      Sue Morshing of Elysian Auto Service, Elysian, MN. Sue's Previous Episodes HERE.
      Jennifer Filzen decided to become a singer/songwriter and created her first pop music album, Sirena. Her marketing and sales talents afforded her the opportunity to get her music heard around the world, including India, China, Europe, Australia, and the United States.
      Her writing talents launched her into writing SEO content for websites, social media marketing posts, and custom blogs. Today, many auto repair shops around the country choose Rock Star Marketing to put their businesses in the limelight.
      Jennifer Filzen Previous Episodes HERE. Rock Start Marketing Website HERE.
      Link to the new book on Amazon HERE.
      Patrick Dolder of PALS Ocala Auto Repair, Ocala, FL. Patrick's Episodes HERE. 
      Carl Hutchinson has been the car industry since 1982, but has worked on vehicles long before that time. He has a passion for engineering, for understanding how vehicles operate, and how to repair a customer’s concern. Earlier in his career, Carl started worked at a GM Dealership, then went to work at independent repair facilities as a technician and eventually became a service advisor. Carl’s experience in the automotive industry led him to his current position as co- owner with Maureen Hutchinson of Complete Automotive in Springfield MO., where he works every day to provide high quality, valuable service to all customers.
      Carl is an Alumni with Ozarks Technical Community College, Springfield MO Campus. He currently sits on the Automotive Advisory Board with Ozark Technical Community College, member of South East Rotary, and a member of the Springfield Midwest Auto Care Alliance chapter.
      Carl has his Master ASE Certification, L1 and Service Advisor certification and is an AMI Graduate.
      After over 32 years in the automotive business, giving back the knowledge and experience to those of the next generation that are coming into the industry is an honor. It’s exciting to see the culture of the industry change to a more positive, cleaner, technical atmosphere, with an emphasis on great customer service.
      Changing the culture of the industry is exciting to move into the next generation of automotive technicians, service advisors, and owners. Carl's Episodes HERE.
      Key Talking Points:
      You should always expect to get from the community what you give to the communityYou reap what you sow  Do genuine and small things for your customers You don’t decide to give so you get something backOnce you start giving just to give to your community, you find creative ways to give, and that creates relationships with your community Have you turned to employees to find ways to reach out to your community?Find ways to help someone without putting them in a spotlight Work with your internal customers Help people quietly, without having to make a splash The importance of being involved in community groupsYou find like-minded individuals in other businesses in the community and they tend to frequent each others business It’s all about connections and networking You have to go into it with not expecting something in returnYou gotta get involved in community groups You gotta get involved in local church groups Food banks, playgrounds, serve dinners Use time and talents to give back “I never thought I would be _____________”Get involved and give to the community You will be disappointed if you are expecting something in return It’s actually kinda cool being involved Why didn't I do this sooner? It’s part of branding your businessNetworking and recommendations with like-minded business Create a community page on your website  The “How to Do It”Figure out the why. Start with a conversation on “why” you are doing it Figure out the superpowers that each team members have Figure out the attitude that the company wants to represent  Ways to accommodate your customers and employees with a community approach:Have a grill at lunchtime Be pet friendly Donut Fridays Give out cookies, brownies, waters Weekly drawing for a bouquet of flowers  Final WordsJenniferI just love that we can all share these ideas and that we are providing value to people When you adopt the “The Give To Get Principle” not only will you feel good yourself, but you will also see a difference in your bottom line CarlJoin community groups When you get the call, say “yes” PatrickTake a leap of faith If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re not going to be successful Talk to a business you know nothing about Find out who the charities are in your community SueYou have to be passionate about your community Approach people, you want to work with Teddy bear hunt - donations for closed restaurants Resources:
      A special thanks to Jennifer Filzen, Carl Hutchinson, Patrick Dolder, and Sue Morshing for their contribution to the aftermarket. Books Page HERE Listen to all Remarkable Results Radio, For The Record and Town Hall Academy episodes. Facebook   Twitter   Linked In   Email
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      This episode is brought to you by Shop-Ware Shop Management. It’s time to run your business at its fullest potential with the industry’s leading technology. Shop-Ware Shop Management will increase your efficiency with lightning-fast workflows, help your staff capture more sales every day, and create very happy customers who promote your business. Shops running Shop-Ware have More Time and generate More Profit—join them! Schedule a free live demonstration and find out how 30 minutes can transform your shop at getshopware.com

      This episode is brought to you buy Shop Marketing Pros. Your guides are Kim and Brian Walker with a rich history as shop owners and industry veterans. When someone searches for a shop, who are they finding? Your competitors? It should be you! The good people over at Shop Marketing Pros know how to drive website traffic and make Google work for you! www.shopmarketingpros.com
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    • By carmcapriotto
      Bob Heipp works for Mobile Auto Solutions, LLC as lead tech and Technician Manager in the Chicago metropolitan area and northwest Indiana.
      Having accepted a job that required passing an IM240 emission class, he was introduced to new alternatives for diagnostic testing. This spurred a quest for learning.
      Bob believes his desire to learn is what opened doors to meeting technicians around the world. Hoping to help so others could have the same opportunities, he partnered with ASA-IL and initiated the CAN Conference after one of his favorite conferences (the Linder Conference) was no longer being presented. He considers these experiences have led him to the opportunity to work for Mobile Auto Solutions. Bob is also a dedicated Vision High Tech Training and Expo attendees. Hear Bob in his own interview and the round-tables HERE.
      Dominik Wrobel works at Mobile Auto Solutions in the Chicago land area. He has a bachelor's degree in applied sciences from Southern Illinois University and have no experience as a technician. 
      At MAS, he is working out of headquarters where he get to learn how to use all the technology at his own pace. He and Bob Heipp are the only ones that work out of HQ while everyone else is mobile. Since he started, he has been doing jobs that can not be done mobile because of space restrictions and or certain tools that cannot be taken to the jobsite. He pretty much work by himself and get to pick Bob's brain with any questions he has along the way. He is working his way up to taking mobile jobs when work at HQ is slow. You can check Dominik's episodes HERE.
      Key Talking Points:
      Hired Dom from referral from instructor from high school automotive boardGraduated Southern Illinois University with 4 year automotive degree Bob is his mentor- similar to an apprentice program. Huge ROI with proper training, resources, and development Uses “Slack” for communication between all 25+ employees- always willing to help and answer any questions for Dom    College built the foundation but the technology was the big learning curve Talent for finding SI, calibrations, alignments, and researching Once hired they evaluated his skills- bugged company car to be diagnosed and evaluated his thinking process and how he can overcome challenges and adapt   New technologyAlways changing, always new- have to take it one step at a time and be a problem solver  Resources:
      Thanks to Dominik Wrobel and Bob Heipp for their contribution to the aftermarket’s premier podcast. Link to the ‘BOOKS‘ page, highlighting all books discussed in the podcast library HERE. Leaders are readers. Listen for free on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spreaker, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Podchaser, and many more. Mobile Listening APP's HERE Find every podcast episode HERE. Every episode is segmented by Series HERE. Key Word Search HERE. Be socially involved and in touch with the show:
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      Since 1989 TRACS has been the industry’s leading shop management system. And in the last 30 years it’s gotten better and better. Today TRACS Enterprise offers even more of the features AutoCare Center owners want—things like a powerful interactive scheduling calendar, faster and streamlined work flow, plus streamlined parts ordering and purchasing options. And there’s more—Punch-out to Mitchell ProDemand, mobile VIN capture, and multi-shop capabilities. That means you can count on TRACS Enterprise to help drive your success today and well into the future.

      Learn more about TRACS Enterprise and the hundreds of other benefits NAPA offers. Talk with your servicing NAPA store or visit www.NAPAAutoCare.com visit the NAPA Benefits Center, at www.napabenefitscenter.com or call the NAPA Benefits Center at 844-627-2123.
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    • By ASOG Podcast
      In this episode, David & Lucas are joined by Tom Ham, the president of Auto Centric in Grand Rapids Michigan as well as the founder of the Automotive Management Network.

      If you’re not familiar with Tom he tends to say out loud what no one else will. This made for a very interesting conversation as we spoke candidly about the ideas behind moving the industry forward.

      Find out more about Tom's work at https://www.automotivemanagementnetwork.com/.
      If you’d like early access to each episode as well as the second part of our conversations on the podcast, head over to http://asog.site and click on the “become a patron now” button. 

      All proceeds go to funding ASOG a 501c3 educational charity. So, your contribution is tax-deductible. Becoming a VIP Patron is only $9 a month. 
      Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/AutoShopOwnersGroup)

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