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I was most intrigued by their steel toed flip flops.   My shoes aren't nearly as comfortable.

Their website is very clean and professional looking.  I was sold.  One of their USPs was intriguing: " Car returned with all possession intact."  I missed the how-to-choose-a-shop section though.

(This shop brings up another question, but I'll make a new thread for that).

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On 3/24/2018 at 9:04 PM, bantar said:

One of their USPs was intriguing: " Car returned with all possession intact."

I found that funny too.  Here we just expect that will be the case.  Maybe not in Mumbai?


I especially liked the "FLOWERY CHECK'

The FLOWERY Check acts as an early warning system, and if done correctly, will point out any faults with your car which can lead to it breaking down, or which can put you in danger. Perform the check at least once a week, and before any long journey.

  • Fuel - check that you have enough fuel for your journey, or at least to get you to a petrol station.
  • Lights - check all lights, indicators and brake lights are working.
  • Water - check the levels of your engine coolant and windscreen washer fluid.
  • Electrics - check all electrical features: horn, wipers etc
  • Rubber - check the tyres are fit for purpose, and that they are at the correct pressure. Check the wipers blades too.
  • Yourself - make sure you are fit to drive, that you aren't tired or under the influence of drink, drugs or medicines.



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