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What happened to Ingersoll Rand?

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What happened to Ingersoll Rand? I had a Curtis that lasted for over 30 years. When it went out I replaced it with a cheap 5 HP unit from Lowes and was told by a competitor that it would not last long. It broke while still under warranty. I then got what my competitor recommended which was a 7.5 HP Ingersoll Rand that cost $1800. His motor went out in 4 years and mine just hit 4 years and I just replaced the motor at $1200! I called another shop for a different reason and they mentioned that their IR compressor was down and were told it would be a week before they would get the part they needed.

I talked to one of the service guys and was told that the motors don't like constant on and off so I have just linked my 80 gallon tank to another 80 gallon tank to double my storage. Perhaps this will help me get some more time out of this motor. I also went with a different brand motor. It would have been more than a week for the IR motor.
We do around 5,000 tires a year so I do put a heavy load on the compressor but I think 4 years is unacceptable for a $1,800 compressor. Am I out of line on this?

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