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Service Writer Online Training

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Hi and welcome to the forum! There are a lot of great people here!

Providing training to your service writer can be a real game-changer for

your business, for many reasons.

Here's my .02 about training.

As a coaching and training company, we have evolved to providing Online

Service Writer Training. This came about after YEARS of providing onsite

training and classroom training.

Two years ago, we started providing the service online only for a number

of reasons that benefit you, as the shop owner:

#1 It's more cost effective for you because there is no travel involved.

This eliminates the need for you to schedule your service advisor to take

time away from the shop. It also allows you to get an immediate return

on your investment because there's no travel expense built into the cost

of the program.

#2 Research has shown classroom training is not effective for most people

because classroom trainings are usually brain dumps. We have found that

trying to absorb so much information in such a short period of time overwhelms

the student. What usually happens is:

They have tons of handouts and notes, but no clear step-by-step method

or plan for taking action on any of the notes. As a result, changes rarely

take place.

Our online training is very easy to implement. The service writer watches

a video with a demonstration of the strategy, including a proven word track.

They use the sales method they just learned with the very next customer.

They review their results. (Did they get the job?) If not, they review

the video again to see what they missed. They keep practicing that step of

the sale until they master it. Then, they move on to learning the next

strategy and steps to the sale.

Our program is unique in other ways. The biggest benefits our clients receive

is: our program uses current Best Practices for selling service (and tires).

The reason for this is we have spent years onsite, in auto repair shops

across the country talking with customers who bought - and who didn't.

And observing transactions at the counter to see why service advisors

sold jobs and why they lost them to the competition.

What we discovered during that process mirrors the latest studies done

by AAA and the Auto Care Association and that is...

A totally different approach is required to sell to today's internet-driven,

"more educated" customers.

What that means to you is: our program gets you the job without alienating

the customer with pushy, salesy tactics that sends the customer for second opinions.

As you are researching your options, I recommend you watch the free videos

most training companies have available. And as you're watching them,

pay attention to the sales methods they use.

In other words, if YOU were the customer, how would the sales method

make you feel? That's an indication of how your customer is going to feel

when those methods are used with them.

Bottom-line: it's super important the philosophy of the training company

matches the way you want to do business and how you want your customers

communicated with.

We have a customized training program, depending on your needs. Feel free

to contact me to see if it makes sense for us to work together. 410-634-1640

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