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  2. Yes we use Cintas at our shop for uniforms, pant and shirts, rags, hand soap, toilet paper, and smell goods for rest room and office. The total cost like to blow my mind when I first heard it. I was shocked actually, but in a positive way. Before I called and eventually chose them for the services I went to a T-shirt place and had 13 tees printed and 2 collared shirts the coat was above $475 fasure. But cintas came through and for 13 pant and shirts, we pay 11 bucks a week. Per tech. Now add in the other supplies we get it’s only like 60 bucks a week which in my opinion is a great deal. The staff that serves our shop has been more then courteous and professional and friendly. Now the catch is for each shirt (13) per tech and service writer and or manager they charge a one time name plate/ logo plate and charge a 5 bucks per shirt, tech, missing days or time standard fee due after 30 days. In my opinion still worth it no doubt. I paid the $5 charge for each template and then they pay for the uniform rentals individually via auto draw from payroll check. So far no complaints but we know how that goes. The second u pat backs you better duck bcuz you may just get slapped in return. Great thing is any button falls off or hole needs to be stitched they handle it in house as long as we mention it. Side note- if termination of a shop employee before you do the final assessment and have employee sign proper documentation, make sure he returns all uniforms before they get the last check. If not you will pay full price for any unreturned uniforms
  3. Question. Did you change the brake booster along with the other components? It’s standard at our if the master cylinder needs replacing then we automatically change out the booster also.

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