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  1. I was hoping some of you might share your process for parts deliveries and returns within your shop. I made some changes due to COVID to minimize vendors having too much contact with my employees. But now looking beyond COVID I am reconsidering my entire system. Does a vendor deliver a part to your front counter/service writer? To a technician? Or do you have a dedicated "drop off" location? Also, how are returns handled? Thank you in advance for any suggestions/advice you can give me.
  2. Tire sales only account for 20% of my business. That being said, I immediately put out a marketing piece reminding the public that I have a large selection of Cooper Tires in stock. We love Mastercraft tires! As a rule I stay clear of political topics. Sometimes I think I’m weak because I fear taking a stand professionally. I watched the video of the Goodyear dealer removing his sign and was almost jealous of his confidence and conviction. As small business owners we know the risk he took.
  3. Congratulations to you! I wish you continued happiness and prosperity!
  4. Please tell me that you take into account profit margins for parts and for labor when paying your service writer 8% of gross sales? If you do not, your service writer could very well be making more money than you.
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