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  1. Please post your customer referal programs. We want something simple but effective! Thank you!
  2. What is your process for quoting over the phone? Do you quote over the phone or do you advise having the customer come in first? Do you quote the immediately and have them wait on the line or do you call them back? Do you use websites like repair pal for quick, general estimates?
  3. That would be great. We would be so happy up meet you and talk to you about your experience with your shop. Thank u, Brittney
  4. Please do! We are off AZ Farms rd and Contractors rd. Do you have a shop in Casa Grande. So nice to meet you!
  5. My husband and I just opened a two bay shop in Florence AZ. My husband has a ford background mostly with some experience at independent shops. We ran our business for a year from home, built customers then went for it. I have just one year automotive experice but have some educational advising experience which surprisingly seems to come in handy. He does all the repairs and I do everything else quotes taxes and books. We also bring our 8 month old to work with us in the office. We had a good first month hope it continues. Any guidance is always welcome so happy I found this site.

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