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  1. Formerdealertech

    Letter from a Dentist

    there is a major flaw in his argument, a diagnosis on a car can take anywhere from 5 minutes to days on a really bad problem, the 39 dollar exam he is talking about is a couple of x-rays and a quick look at them. The amount of time spent is roughly the same for each one and I am sure he more than makes up the cost when the does whatever work is needed. Plus he is not taking into account the other expensive tools and equipment a auto shop and it's techs needs to do their jobs. A very ill informed elitist opinion, LOL the health and well being of mankind... Really? wow only a little full of himself. Your not a open heart surgeon buddy your a dentist.
  2. Formerdealertech

    Warranty Companies' Shady Practices.

    Most of these aftermarket warranties are worse than useless and should be illegal. Sooner or later these companies will be investigated and the government will put a stop to these scams.
  3. Formerdealertech


    I would just like to add to what I wrote earlier. I think you would be better off going to work in a good indy garage or a fleet. Dealers right now is a bad place to be
  4. Formerdealertech


    Back flagging is illegal in RI and most other states as well. Also if your dealer is not paying for your computer based training contact me. Another large RI Import dealer had to pay me for some back flagging I had records for and my training they forced me to do. Go see Helen Gage over at the department of labor and training. The reason why Techs are abused by dealers is because WE ALLOW IT.. Your better off if you get out of flat rate and find a good shop that pays a salary or hourly or go fleet like I did BTW 11 a hour flat rate is HORRIBLE. In 2000 my first job flat rate with 1 year in the business was 15 a hour. You are supplying and buying your own tools your basically worse off than making minimum wage. Sorry I am not trying to insult you at all just want to help.