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Ford 3 Valve Engine Spark Plug Replacement

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Interesting article. I have heard of using an impact on these before but was never really too sure if I actually wanted to try it. Approximately how many vehicles with these type spark plugs have you successfully done this way without breaking the plugs?

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Every one that I've ever done this method on I have NOT broken one off. Probably a dozen or so... so far. Now I did break one the very first time I tried it... but, that was my fault. I didn't have the socket seated all the way. It did come out without using the tool but, it did crack it, and it did try to fall apart.


If you get the engine warmed up and are "pre-set" up with the needed sockets and extensions you can whip the plugs out rather quickly. The longer you wait the more likely the carbon build up becomes a problem.

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