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    • By bantar

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    • By Joe Marconi
      While there are many different business models among all the automotive independent repair shops, what types of services or repairs give your auto repair shop the best ROI? 
      Preventive Maintenance Services? General Repairs, steering, suspension, brakes, etc.  Diagnostic/Electrical, etc. Or other? 
    • By carmcapriotto
      How often are you checking on the overall health of your business with your team members involved? Are you identifying and working on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, known as SWOT? How do you start a SWOT analysis? What are the benefits? How do you find your blindspots? Does knowing your SWOT give you a competitive advantage? My panel takes a deep dive into the value of SWOT and shares their own experiences. Watch the Episode on YouTube Brian Bates, Eagle Automotive Service, Littleton, CO, 9 locations. Brian's previous episodes HERE Michael Smith, Managing Partner, Herzberg Smith and Co, Michael Smith's previous episodes HERE Bill Van Hoose, General Manager, Eagle Automotive Service, Littleton, CO, 5 locations Key Talking Points
      SWOT Analysis is just one component of a comprehensive approach to continuously reassessing and improving a company's structure, performance & results over time. SWOT is Step #1 in a 5-step value building cycle - As-Is discovery, To-Be future, gap analysis, gap closure, and begin again. Strengths & Weaknesses are INTERNALLY-focused and  Opportunities & Threats are EXTERNALLY-focused. Path to Mastery - Achieving mastery requires continuous assessment & development; SWOT plays a crucial role A comprehensive (breadth) SWOT analysis examines ALL value-levers & business functions. A deep-dive (depth) SWOT analysis includes an alignment-assessment for each lever & function, from vision down through deliverables & success metrics. People do business with people Consider doing a SWOT post Covid Starting- pick 1 problem area first, you will uncover other problem areas naturally. Remove your arrogance during the process. Add humility. Ensure your team is aligned with your culture, business and SWOT. It is a collaborative effort to improve, you are not assigning blame. Implementing SWOT with a qualified moderator to dig deep, unveil blindspots and ask the hard questions “What’s your legacy? What is your exit strategy?” Have the end in mind. What is your value proposition?
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    • By Joe Marconi
      When I started my auto repair shop in 1980, it was typical to work at the shop 50 to 70 hours a week.  More than half of that time was working on cars. I kept that work pace for over a decade. I know that many shop owners of my generation did the same thing. 
      That's all changed now. And for the better.  More shop owners today understand that their leadership roles are critical to their success and the best strategy for the welfare and development of their employees. 
      Jump to the link below for a few quick stats on the different roles of today's shop owner. 
    • Advertise your services or products to passers-by attracting them towards your business
    • By carmcapriotto
      We’re talking Exit interviews. Some shop owners do them religiously. Some don’t want to face the music. Some don’t know what to do in an exit interview.  Is it a smart time not to burn a bridge? Is there a format to follow? We are going to attempt to answer these questions and more in today’s Town Hall Academy. You can learn a lot about yourself and your company in exit interviews.
      Matt Fanslow, lead diagnostician and shop manager, Riverside Automotive, Red Wing, MN. Matt’s previous episodes HERE Matt Fanslow Podcast: Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z Chris Cotton, AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching and the Chris Cotton Weekly Blitz Podcast Key Talking Points
      Think of it as information gathering.  We think nothing of gathering information to go about repairing a vehicle, be it a customer interview, service information search, or data collection via a scan tool or scope, or meter.  It's getting more and more common to ask clients for reviews.  We want good reviews on our sites, or on Google or Facebook and we want bad reviews to go to us immediately so they can be rectified and hopefully earn a "good" review. People leave people, not companies Winning sports team- winning is a salve for everything If a soon-to-be or former employee just doesn't want to talk to you about their time with you, it may be a sign that your "open door policy" isn't nearly as open as you thought. Your role in an exit interview, as the owner or manager, is to shut up and listen.  Ask questions.  The only statements you really should be making is maybe clearing up real misunderstandings, earnestly asking questions, and thanking them for their time with you working AND talking to you.  Take the information and try very hard to look at it purely at face value, and then after a day or two or a week, come back to it and try to put yourself in their shoes/boots and read between the lines.  Don't let your imagination get too crazy, but with those two perspectives, you should be able to extract information that is true and applicable to improving your business and work environment. There are not enough exit interviews done We value customer reviews why not employees on an exit interview The company should have a formal policy regarding exit interviewing. Must have a policy and or procedure. The same list of questions for all departing employees etc.... Not emotional.....hard part about smaller businesses is that the direct report usually does the interview, if at all possible have a neutral party conduct the interview, you can even outsource it if it fits in your budget to do so  if you think of this in marketing terms this is a retention tool, not an acquisition tool. You need to listen to the employees as they leave and then think about your current employees, how can you use the information gathered in order to keep the employees you have top 2 reasons for leaving repair shops is lack of accountability and employee not knowing what their future holds/training plan or lack of one.  
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