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Smoky Hill Auto - One of the Top 20 Applicants

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pI have been diligently reading through all the material the top schools have sent in.nbsp; I wanted to share this from Brian Manley and Scott Seperich, automotive instructors at Smoky Hill High School.nbsp; I found it to be inspirational to me, and I hope you draw inspiration from it as well!/ppquot;I am proud to have the opportunity to apply for the second annual TT/CP School of the Year Award.nbsp; In the pages that follow you will facts, figures and photos about our Automotive Training Program here at Smoky Hill High School.nbsp; We have collected recommendation letters, copied certificates, reproduced photos and rifled through file folders to produce what is in the pages of this binder, all with the goal of showing what we do well here in our school.nbsp; /ppI have to say that, after undertaking this lengthy process for the second year, I have a renewed definition of what we quot;doquot; here as instructors and as a program that serves our communitynbsp; We are here to help our students lead happpy, productive and fulfilling lives, and we are here to show them the steps to get them there through smart choices and by pursuing post-secondary education.nbsp; that may sound simple enough, and I am reminded of this fact while reading what others had to say about our program, and how students feel about their experience while attending our program./ppI am heartened by the fact that what we do as instructors seems to have a profound and far-reaching positive impact on thenbsp;lives of so many young people, and that is what makes my job so incredible.nbsp; This process of applying for your award has helped to re-connect us with some former students, and has enhanced some of the connections that we have in our community, and that makes our program that much stronger.nbsp; Alumni from our program have completed apprenticeships, graduated from Automotive Associate and Bachelor Degree programs and are now employed all overnbsp;our country through various companies.nbsp; this is the legacy that I am most proud of.quot;/ppThis is just the first page of their application!/pp11/pimg src="http://www.tomorrowstechnician.com/cs/aggbug.aspx?PostID=489" width="1" height="1"


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