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Why Do Agencies Always Find Something Wrong With My Website? - The Auto Repair Marketing Podcast

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One of our listeners emailed in with the following question.

I Always wondered why, when we have another marketing company review and grade our website, it always come out pretty crappy on the scorecard? From loading speed, to keywords, SEO, overall performance etc. I have used Lighthouse and some other things to gauge the performance, but the numbers never seem to match what the other party produces. I feel like some marketing companies use smoke and mirrors for selling their websites that really may not be any better than what we already have. I’m sure this is an issue for others too.

We answer that question in this episode.

Talking Points

  • There’s a big difference between a solicited audit and an unsolicited audit
  • There are no standards in place
  • Much of what is done in marketing is based on opinion or an internal belief system
  • Trust your “BS meter”


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