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“The Power of Partnership: Liz and Keith Perkins on Marriage and Business” [RR 846]

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Recorded Live at the TST Big Event 2023. Keith Perkins discusses his presentation at the TST Big Event on electrical theory and the challenges of balancing foundational knowledge with advanced concepts for a diverse audience. We also delved into Liz and Keith's relationship as a married couple who work together. They discussed their passion for their industry and how it doesn't feel like work. Bonus: find out how many animals they own!

Keith and Liz Perkins, L1 Automotive Diagnostics and Program, L1 Automotive Training, Listen to Keith’s previous episode HERE.

Show Notes

  • (00:02:56) The challenges of teaching electrical theory
  • (00:06:38) The different types of food they tried at the TST Big Event
  • (00:08:48) Liz and Keith talk about their experience working together as a husband and wife team, including having offices in both their home and shop, and how their passion for the industry makes it feel less like work.
  • (00:11:55) How Keith and Liz find downtime as a couple, including taking time away from work and kids.
  • (00:12:40) How Keith and Liz met in tech school
  • (00:13:39) September 15th is a lucky day for marriage!
  • (00:16:07) How Keith and Liz have grown and evolved together over the years and how it is important to allow oneself to change.
  • (00:23:01) A conversation about Liz and Keith's pets!
  • (00:30:10) Keith talks about how he got into the training side of the industry through YouTube and how he uses social media to encourage technicians to attend training events.
  • (00:31:12) Keith discusses his upcoming presentation for a school career day, emphasizing the professional and high-tech aspects of the automotive industry.
  • (00:34:27) The importance of changing the public's perception of the automotive industry by dressing more professionally and emphasizing the use of gloves and clean hands.
  • (00:37:02) The importance of company culture in the automotive industry.
  • (00:39:10) Keith and Liz discuss the snacks and drinks they provide for their employees.
  • (00:43:13) The challenges of teaching electrical theory and how to make it more engaging for students.
  • (00:43:56) The guests emphasize the importance of attending training events and how it can improve a technician's skills and network.


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  • Have you checked out Joe's Latest Blog?

         1 comment
      I am going to borrow a quote from billionaire, Warren Buffet, “The best investment you can make is in yourself,” This statement, while simplistic, speaks volumes. A shop owner is much more than a boss, a shop owner is a leader. And leaders are solely responsible for the success of their team. This means that you must work hard and commit to a life of continuous learning and improvement. It also means that if the team fails, a leader must always blame himself or herself for that failure and find ways to improve.
      For your business to flourish, you must invest your time and energy in understanding what your role is in your company. It also means that you must be committed to continually improving your level of competence. This does not mean that every task is your responsibility. However, it does mean that the buck stops with you. If your business is not where it needs to be, or you are looking for increased growth, then it is your obligation to do the hard work and set goals, have the vision, perform the research, and develop the plan to achieve your overall objectives.
      When you invest in yourself to become the best leader and the best businessperson you can be, others around you will feed off your energy and your passion. This sends a strong message to everyone on your team that you have what it takes to bring the company to the next level.
      One last thing, another obligation to your company is assembling the right team of people around you. Once you have the right people, you need to invest in them too. Find what truly motivates them, not what you believe inspires them. Be a coach to your employees and always strive to bring out the best in them. Be strong with your convictions and expectations, build strong relationships with your employees, and don’t be afraid of admitting when you drop the ball.
      While Warren Buffet is best known for making billions of dollars with his investment strategies, I want to believe that this quote has its basis in something that money cannot buy.
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      We've got a fantastic panel of guests, including Jimmy Lee and Kent Bullard from The Institute, and Brian and Kim Walker from Shop Marketing Pros to discuss ASTE, the Automotive Service and Technology Expo in Durham, North Carolina. Kim and Brian Walker, Shop Marketing Pros, Auto Repair Marketing Podcast Kent Bullard, COO, The Institute. Listen to Kent’s other episodes HERE. Jimmy Lea, The Institute. Listen to Jimmy’s previous episodes HERE Show Notes
      https://asteshow.com The Go Kart Event (00:05:26) Discussion about sponsoring the Go Kart event at the Automotive Service and Technology Expo (ASTE), and the excitement surrounding it. Prizes and Activities (00:06:38) Details about the prizes and activities at the event, including fastest lap and time, golf simulator, axe throwing, and more. Management Training and Effective Communication (00:10:11) Mention of various management training sessions, including effective communication, hybrid diagnostics, and marketing strategies for different personalities in the industry. Phone Skills Training (00:16:51) Discussion on the importance of having good phone skills before investing in marketing. Handoff from Marketing to Sales (00:17:32) Exploration of the issue of service advisors not properly handling phone calls and potential solutions. Training Programs for Staff (00:21:36) Importance of developing training programs for technicians and service advisors to ensure their growth and retention in the business. The importance of investing in training (00:24:37) Investing in training and taking care of your team is crucial for success in the industry. Networking and building relationships at events (00:26:06) The value of networking and making connections at events like ASTE cannot be underestimated. The significance of sharpening your skills (00:27:12) Attending training events is like sharpening your tools to become a better technician, shop owner, service advisor, or manager.  
      Thanks to our Partner, Technician Find If you are tired of struggling to find skilled automotive technicians for your independent auto repair shop, say goodbye to the endless search and let Technician Find be your solution. We are a 'Single Stop To Staff Your Shop.' http://www.technicianfind.com Connect with the Podcast: -Join our Insider List: https://remarkableresults.biz/insider -All books mentioned on our podcasts: https://remarkableresults.biz/books -Our Classroom page for personal or team learning: https://remarkableresults.biz/classroom -Buy Me a Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/carm -The Aftermarket Radio Network: https://aftermarketradionetwork.com -Special episode collections: https://remarkableresults.biz/collections  
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      Take a deep dive into the world of scan tools with Matt Fanslow, Keith Perkins, Tanner Brandt, and Richard Falco. Together they discuss choosing the right scan tool, maximizing scan tool usage, aftermarket vs. factory scan tools, the power of scan data, subscription fees, the future of diagnostics, AND MORE!
      Show Notes:
      The best scan tool? (00:02:22) Discussion on the different types of scan tools and their suitability for specific tasks, such as graphing or coding. Factors to consider when choosing a scan tool (00:05:09) Consideration of the specific needs of the job, including the type of vehicle and the required functionalities, when selecting a scan tool. Increase in non-drivability issues (00:06:51) Discussion about the growing number of non-drivability issues in vehicles, such as electrical, electronic, and climate control problems. Underutilization of scan tools (00:08:23) The importance of utilizing the full potential of scan tools and highlights the lack of knowledge and usage among technicians. Importance of following service procedures (00:10:39) The discussion revolves around the consequences of not following service procedures, leading to shortages of parts and damage to vehicle components. The difference between aftermarket and factory scan tools (00:14:04) Explains the difference in network topology and module pinging between aftermarket and factory scan tools. Module topography and caution with aftermarket scan tools (00:15:26) Discusses the addition of module topography in some scan tools and warns against relying solely on aftermarket scan tools for network layout. Challenges with J 2534 Device vs. Factory OEM Interface (00:23:09) The difficulties of using a J 2534 device instead of the factory interface for vehicle diagnostics and repairs. Communication Challenges in the Automotive Industry (00:27:34) The complex communication networks and different teams involved in engineering and dealership software in car companies. Aftermarket tools for relative compression test (00:30:06) Exploration of aftermarket tools, specifically the E-Scan Elite by ATS, that can perform a relative compression test. Determining the number of modules in a car (00:32:17) Methods for figuring out the number of modules in a car, including using the VIN, RPO codes, and factory scan tools or service information. Throttle Position and Tuners (00:36:01) Discussion on using average throttle position to detect tuners in Chrysler vehicles. Deleted Engines and Missing AFM (00:36:57) Exploration of issues with deleted engines and missing AFM codes after reprogramming. Scan Data and Power Complaints (00:39:25) Using scan data and the ATG calculator to determine if a car has a power issue. The climbing subscription fees (00:43:19) Discussion on the possibility of group buys or legislation to address increasing subscription fees for tools. Nissan V2 repairs (00:45:40) Issues with repairing Nissan V2 vehicles, including the unavailability of certain parts and the need for extensive work. The problem with JLR devices (00:50:59) Discussion about the issues with JLR devices and the only devices that work for JLR diagnostics. Manufacturers locking out aftermarket tools (00:51:53) Clarification that no manufacturers are planning on locking out aftermarket tools, but security gateways may cause some functions to not work temporarily. Expert mode on VW Audi Snap-on Zeus (00:54:08) Advice on using expert mode on VW Audi Snap-on Zeus and the availability of interfaces and online scan tools for newer models. Problems caused by non-factory tooling (00:57:50) Discussion about the daily challenges of fixing BMWs due to problems caused by non-factory tooling. Remote programming and scam tool manufacturers (00:59:29) Exploration of the rise of remote programming services offered by scam tool manufacturers and the potential risks involved. Recovering modules and dealing with software numbers (01:02:11) Explanation of the process of recovering modules, including the use of factory as-built data and dealing with software numbers that have been tampered with. The use of Forscan for programming (01:04:45) Discussion on the use of Forscan for programming and how it can be helpful in manipulating as-built data. Missing as-built data (01:07:17) Discussion on missing as-built data and the possibility of it being a result of a file upload error. Finding and purchasing a Mercedes factory scan tool (01:11:52) Discussion on resources and process for acquiring a Mercedes factory scan tool, including the need for a separate credit card. Accessing service information and becoming a staff member (01:12:24) Exploration of resources for service information, including the importance of becoming a staff member and accessing knowledge articles on the CRM landing page. Ford light and vehicle security professional credentials (01:14:03) Discussion on the Ford light tool, its features, pricing, and the addition of PATS programming. Mention of vehicle security professional credentials and insurance requirements. The insurance agent issue (01:20:26) Explains the problem of using the wrong insurance agent when trying to get insurance for a mobile diagnostic business. Using scan tools for non-drivability issues (01:21:40) Discusses the importance of using scan tools to diagnose electrical, body, and comfort access problems in vehicles. Troubleshooting HVAC module issue (01:23:57) Describes a case study of a common problem with the AC compressor clutch and how to use scan data to determine if the HVAC module is the issue. The AC Compressor Code (01:27:00) Explains how clearing a code can temporarily fix the AC compressor, but the code will turn off the compressor again when it sets. Aftermarket Blower Motor Speed Controller (01:27:54) Warns against using aftermarket speed controllers for blower motors, as they can cause the AC to stop working. Using Data PIDs for Diagnosis (01:28:45) Discusses how data PIDs can be used to diagnose issues with starter request, ignition, and immobilizer systems. The importance of vehicle door configuration (01:34:16) Explains how vehicle door configuration data can indicate if someone has tampered with the doors or disabled certain features. The impact of affordable scan tools (01:35:12) Discusses how affordable scan tools can lead to inexperienced individuals causing problems by disabling features like TPMS. The shift in focus for scan tool companies (01:37:14) Explores how scan tool companies are prioritizing coding capabilities over graphing capabilities due to the increasing complexity of vehicle modules. The cable compatibility issue (01:41:52) Discussion about the USB cable compatibility for the VCI tool and the potential risks of using other cables. Possible future updates in scan tools (01:43:36) Suggestion to create a platform to list the known scan tool functions and the challenges of keeping up with updates.  
      Thanks to our Partner, NAPA AUTOTECH napaautotech.com
      Email Matt: [email protected]
      Diagnosing the Aftermarket A - Z YouTube Channel HERE
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    • By carmcapriotto
      Thank you to our friends at RepairPal for providing this episode. RepairPal’s Certified Network of shops are trusted by millions of customers each month. Learn more at RepairPal.com/shops.
      Brian and Kim discuss upcoming automotive events and conferences in the fall of 2023. They share their excitement about attending these events and highlight the training and networking opportunities they offer. They conclude the episode by mentioning their plans for the end of the year and thanking listeners for tuning in.
      Show Notes with Timestamps
      The Fall Conference Season (00:00:10) Discussion about the fall conference season and the opportunity for training in the industry. Marketing for Auto Repair Shops (00:03:35) Introduction to the MARS conference organized by the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence, focusing on marketing for auto repair shops. ASCCA Educational Conference (00:06:13) Information about the ASCCA Educational Conference in Costa Mesa, California, for members of the Automotive Service Council of California. ASTE Conference (00:09:00) Details about the ASTE conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, including the go-kart racing event and marketing classes. BIMRS Conference (00:13:03) Discussion about the BIMRS conference in Dallas for Euro shops. FLACA Accelerate (00:15:08) Discussion about teaching classes in Florida and attending the Florida Autocare Alliance's Accelerate conference in Orlando. TOOLS Conference in the PA (00:17:23) Details about the TOOLS conference held in the Pocono Mountains, including classes, speakers, and family-friendly activities. AAPEX and SEMA in Las Vegas (00:20:13) Brian plans to attend AAPEX and SEMA as a spectator, networking, recording videos, and podcasts, and visiting Joe's Garage. Super Saturday at Mid Atlantic Auto Care Alliance (00:23:49) Upcoming Super Saturday event in Pennsylvania and provides details about the dates and location. Plans for future trips (00:24:48) Discusses the possibility of attending future events and road trips, including a visit to the Northeast area.  
      Lagniappe (Books, Links, Other Podcasts, etc)
      Smart Passive Income - How to Start a Podcast 2023 Simple Podcast Setup - Video Rode AI-Micro Rode smartLav+ Rode SC1 Extension Cable  
      How To Get In Touch
      Group - Auto Repair Marketing Mastermind
      Website - shopmarketingpros.com 
      Facebook - facebook.com/shopmarketingpros 
      Get the Book - shopmarketingpros.com/book
      Instagram - @shopmarketingpros 
      Questions/Ideas - [email protected] 
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