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In my mail yesterday I had a welcome surprise, my certificates of completion from the Wix's eLearning online courses and tests. They came in frames and look really nice. They will be going up somewhere in the office. I encourage every technician and counterman to take these courses

It is very “old school” and reminds me of a time when training was an important aspect of selling parts to technicians. I wish more automotive aftermarket manufacturers would do this.
Wix has done a really nice job with the online courses and you will learn something. Most of all, you will never again underestimate the complexity or importance of oil and air filters.
The product sales pitch is there for certain Wix specific features like spiral-wound center tubes and silicone anti-drainback valves, but it is only a small percentage of the total content. Overall, the content of the course was top notch.
These tests are a great prep for the ASE A1 test and can help you answer questions about PCV systems, oil flow and air induction systems.

Click here to go to the Wix eLearning website



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