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[Podcast] RR 400: 400th Episode Milestone. What does it mean to “Listen To Learn Just One Thing.”

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The 400th episode milestone for the Remarkable Results Radio Podcast would Carm-Brand-1-Black.pngnot have been possible without the support of aftermarket professionals who have embraced the podcast as an important educational and networking tool to not only grow themselves but their businesses.

The ability to listen to concepts, insights, trends and differing views stretches our ‘think’ and serves the reality that there are many ways to grow and prosper. Thanks for continuing to listen to the stories; the context of the aftermarket.  Carm

PS: Thanks to the sponsors of the podcast that also helped make this an enduring and significant educational tool.

The milestone panel:

Dwayne Myers is a partner in Dynamic Automotive in the greater Maryland area. Dwayne invests time in the industry with the Auto Care Association and serves on the education committee with CCPN (Car Care Professional Network). Dwayne was recently honored as one of only 17 outstanding individuals that qualified for the prestigious 2017 World Class Technician Award presented by The Auto Care Association and ASE. He is very passionate about hiring and sustaining a strong and engaged team. Listen to Dwayne’s previous episodes HERE.

Pete Rudloff is a national automotive instructor/advisor, ASA volunteer leader, 400-th-Episode-Screen-Shot.pngnationally published technical writer and owner of both Pete’s Garage, Inc. and Blue Collar Technologies, Inc. in Newark, DE. Pete has a passion for raising the bar for the auto trade and a reputation as a friend to the general auto repair shop with many calling themselves Pete’s customer. More than just a guy who fixes cars, Pete is out to change the auto trade and how vehicle owners view auto shops with his new FlexCheck Auto Digital Vehicle Inspection Software. Listen to Pete’s previous episodes HERE.

Maryann Croce of Croce Transmissions in Norwalk, CT and business adviser at smallbizvantage.com. Maryann and her husband Tony combined her banking career and his automotive technical skills and bought a transmission business 15 years ago. They have 4 bays, 4 techs and one service adviser

As so many in the aftermarket know when husband and wife’s and families, for that matter, run a great business there are a few secrets that make it all work. Maryann talks about two of the secrets to working together; knowing your role and trust. Link to Maryann’s Previous Episodes HERE.

Kevin Eckler is a native New Englander who moved to New York State’s Hudson Valley with his parents back in the mid-1980s.  Kevin began his automotive career at the age of 14, pushing a broom in a mom and pop shop in Rhode Island, he attended a trade school, graduating at the top of his class and went right to work as a tech in a prestigious Porsche/Audi dealership in Cape Cod.  Kevin continued his dealership work when he moved to NY and eventually came to work for two brothers who owned Foreign Car Specialists.  When the

owners retired in 1995, Kevin bought the business and the rest is history. Kevin’s previous episodes HERE.

Ryan Clo is a twenty-year veteran of the Automotive Service industry. He currently owns two specialized Automotive Service businesses located in Cincinnati, OH. Both businesses have systems and processes in place so that his presence is not required on a daily basis. Ryan’s first business, Dubwerx, has a 99% customer satisfaction rate while maintaining profitability and growth.

Ryan currently consults for the Institute of Automotive Business Excellence providing guidance to automotive businesses including on-site evaluations, off-site coaching, business plan development, and one-on-one coaching with owners and staff. He is known as the “Systems and Processes guy.” Ryan teaches several business management classes for the Automotive industry.

Ryan has also involved in the growing startup community in Cincinnati, OH meeting with other entrepreneurs regularly to discuss best practices and the future of business. Ryan volunteers his time serving on the editorial board for an industry magazine and two community non-profits in Cincinnati, OH. Listen to Ryan’s previous episodes HERE.

Richard Falco Jr. is an instructor for Carquest Technical Institute (CTI). 400th-Milestone-Logo.pngHe is an ASE Master Technician L1 with over 25 years in the auto repair industry. His technical experience includes Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles both at the dealership level and as a successful shop owner. He has instructed technicians and college students in all aspects of automotive repair and currently takes care of our customers, for CTI, throughout the southeastern U.S. Listen to Rich’s previous episodes HERE.

Tom Lambert, Automotive Manager at Shadetree Automotive. Tom Lambert got his start right at home.  His dad and uncles always had projects going on in the home garage.  During the summer vacation, his dad would have Tom remove engines from the vehicles that were being sent to the local machine shop for rebuilding.

In the past three and a half years, Tom and his dad have made strategic adjustments in the business.  They are now a $2.5 million dollar a year shop with 10% annual growth and profitability. They continue to improve every day.  Tom says he has the best team and a strong culture. In January 2017 Tom bought his dad completely out of the business.

Tom struggled for many years because he had lost his passion for the auto industry.  After receiving all the guidance and coaching over the past few years, he is rejuvenated and has more passion than ever and is currently doing everything he can to pay it forward to other local shop owners. Tom’s previous episodes HERE.

Christopher Peterson owns Northwest Automotive in Kalispell, MT. Here is his story. None of Christopher Petersen’s family members have been (to his knowledge) in the auto industry. His dad was an electrician that specialized in security systems.  Christopher remembers elementary school when the other kids on the block were playing football or basketball, right in front of his house. But not him. He was in the garage, reading his father’s college AC/DC theory book, and doing the tests at the end of each chapter.  He always thought that he would go into design because he loved building things. He even took 4 years of computer-aided drafting in high school.

From there, Christopher bounced around a few types of shops. He wanted to experience many different brands.  He worked in a euro shop for a while and then each of the domestic brands.  Christopher was Master Honda certified (as well as ASE Master, and L1). Honda was the first real home he felt.

A back injury put a serious hamper on being a line tech and he went back to the service advisor world.  But this time he was an SA at a dealer. He hated it. Not only did the bean counters in the corporate structure only see employees as percentages and production numbers, they saw customers the same way. Christopher didn’t feel he could really help people the way he thought they should be helped.

So it was time to find his own way….after 20 years doing it for other companies, Christopher started to do it his way. Link to Christopher’s Previous Episodes HERE.

Key Talking Points:

Kevin Eckler

  • He was moved by so many ideas and concepts shared that he was motivated to joining a local high school advisory board, he hired a business coach is redoing his lobby

Ryan Clo

  • The information age gives us a lot of power. However, if you don’t implement it is just information.
  • Take the steps necessary, but don’t re-invent the wheel ask for help. Don’t let your ego get in the way.
  • Find the seminar, the coach the peer to help you. So many willing to help you up your game.
  • Once you get there you’ll be asked for your help.

Maryann Croce

  • So many players of the aftermarket are represented in the podcast makes for many different ‘One Things’ to take away.
  • It breaks down the silos in our industry by uniting the words into one whole industry perspective.
  • Being an example of professionalism in the industry is your role.
  • It is easy to get stuck and feel overwhelmed. Stop and listen to the stories told and get your self unstuck.

Dwayne Myers

  • Dwayne had a great take-a-way in an episode that changed him when he realized he was a developer of people.
  • The network of listeners shares the podcasts and stories as the concepts and strategies are discussed.
  • Bringing the ideas to your team and get their buying and possibly implementation.
  • Big take-a-ways from Academy comments from your listener is just as powerful.
  • Measure yourself against yourself and not other peoples.

Peter Rudloff

  • If you’ve only learned one thing you are doing it wrong.
  • Pete learned that his way is OK. He is unconventional and yet is very successful.
  • He also knows that his way isn’t the only way. He learned about how many other people do it.
  • The podcast has shown Peter that the industry is OK. We are a good and honorable trade. He is proud that he is an auto mechanic.
    • Our trade is valuable to the country.
  • Listeners can see alternative futures by listening to others and their glimpse of their visions.

Richard Falco

  • You can see career pathways through the different interviews.
  • Jorge Menchu’s episode 241 was a huge ‘thing’ for him on the concept of how to learn and fill in the blanks.   Listen to Jorge’s episode HERE.

Christopher Peterson

  • See’s the podcast as facilitating different methods of learning.
  • He shifted his view in not seeing other shops as competition.
  • An episode with Steve Miller and his book ‘Uncopyable’.
    • What separates your shop from others.
  • Learn to ask questions.
  • Keep the list in the whiteboard and stick them up.

Tom Lambert

  • We don’t have a shortage of hard-working people in our industry.
  • We are so busy working hard that they do not have time to stop and try something new.
  • You don’t know what you don’t know.
  • Invest in learning via, the RRR podcast, classes, which business coach, etc.
  • Tom found it cathartic to be on the show.


  • Many in the industry are willing to help.
  • Everyone’s goal is to help all ships rise. Pay it forward.


  • Thanks to Kevin Eckler, Pete Rudloff, Ryan Clo, Rich Falco, Tom Lambert, Maryann Croce, Dwayne Myers, and Christopher Peterson for their contribution to the aftermarket’s premier podcast.
  • Link to the ‘BOOKS‘ page highlighting all books discussed in the podcast library HERE. Leaders are readers.
  • Leave me an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and reviews really help and I read each one of them.




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