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  1. Love The Biz

    Love The Biz

  2. That seems somewhat like how the parts matrix should be, or pretty close to how I already do it, but off a bit. So if you bill actual time, versus book time, how then can you give an Estimate before the repair? If you have a Mechanic who don't routinely make book time, or perhaps run into a snag, removing a part, you already quoted the job? Nothing worse than calling those folks back for more money. And even worse, if they arrive and your bill is higher than your estimate. I have never really had an issue , explaining mark up on parts. I tell them I could never get parts that inexpen
  3. Wouldn't the customer just complain then about your labor rate? Compare it to the dealer per say?
  4. Plus the oil change is the most important service, because it allows you to get the vehicle up in the air, to perform inspection. That is the loss lead, to the Steak and Potatoes feast. I would never not offer an oil change.
  5. Would you consider doing a seller finance for the right individual? Are you retiring or is there another reason you are selling?

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Fast Free Shipping on All Orders Over $50
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