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  1. I have to respectfully disagree that even reputable shops are not looking to increase business. Perhaps some are good with status quo, but I am of the opinion that if I am standing still, and others are moving forward, then deductively, I am moving backwards realtive to the pack.
  2. And now that I think about it more. With Google or Yelp anyone can click a link, even to just get your phone number and that cost you money. The proposed model are leads that people took the time to give their information in hopes of being contacted by a shop for help. Instinctually, that seems to be higher quality.
  3. I can understand the need to gauge the quality of the leads. But at face value, these are people seeking auto service. Could be a real potential customer or a kid doing a 5th grade paper on car repair. Conceptually it is the same concept. You pay per lead, not knowing exactly what you will get.
  4. I know that Google Adwords charges about $7-10 per click if you run an add with them.
  5. http://www.autoshopowner.com/topic/10232-yelp-pay-per-click/?p=26873
  6. Google has made a $50 billion dollar business out of providing businesses leads. When you google auto service related topics in your area . . . Who shows up? Generally the big boys!! They are not spending money on this cause they like to waste their investors' money. They understand the importance of an online presence in an online world. And they are paying up to $10 per click.
  7. Your thoughtful condescending ignorance is duly noted.
  8. I am baffled at these responses . . . I can only assume that these shops bashing the idea of a lead are at 95% capacity each and every day. That is the only logical reason you would not be willing to pay to acquire a customer. EVERY business model has a customer acquisition/ retention cost to grow or maintain the business. The internet is here to stay and as younger generations who prefer to do things online age, the need to be online becomes more and more relevant to the success of a business. Shop owners have one of three choices. Build their own online platform to engage customers
  9. I made a similar post below. I am wondering why these online customer platforms have such a bad rap. http://www.autoshopowner.com/topic/10142-openbay-partners-with-autozone;-is-this-what-we-need/?p=26780
  10. You will have to forgive me for I don't see using an internet based company's valuable customer base as a bad thing. Much like the market that we work in right now, the low ball grimey shops deliver poor experiences and customers don't go back. Rack up a half dozen awful ratings and see how many jobs you get no matter how low your price is on one of these sites. I don't go for the lowest price, I provide an honest fair quote and find myself among the other several shops that have done the same with great ratings. I am taking business AWAY from those grimey shops that may have otherwise

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