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  1. Express Auto Repair & Engine Exchange Review from TERREL S. on 11/02/2016 https://t.co/hLDlq58MGF

  2. "Great friendly non pushy service. Clean shop and quick service" @Groupon #HappyCustomer

  3. Thank you CHRIS W. for the great review @SureCritic https://t.co/Zi8C0pVV5B

  4. Don’t Be Spooked By Basic Car Care - Be Car Care Aware https://t.co/6IJ3sQ53Hv

  5. Express Auto Repair & Engine Exchange Review from JAMES M. on 10/26/2016 https://t.co/IthEYhcXgz

  6. October Is Fall Car Care Month: A Little Auto Care Goes A Long Way - Be Car Care Aware https://t.co/dUmCQSyWut

  7. Thank you JOEL L. for the great review @SureCritic https://t.co/2d31ThcmQb

  8. Car Ready: Preventative, Proactive, Prepared https://t.co/ebC21wNvgr

  9. September is National Preparedness Month: Car Care https://t.co/PDNSBKCsJM

  10. Be sure to visit your local participating NAPA AutoCare Center from September 1… https://t.co/wsoWwRpULs

  11. Vehicle Checklist for Back-to-School Carpool Season - Be Car Care Aware https://t.co/QiJnjmw1AD

  12. Myth: Only New Car Dealers Can Service A Vehicle Under Warranty https://t.co/w96jUEUJmQ

  13. We used to have a fleet of 4 loaner cars but it was very time consuming keeping car clean and in good working order. We felt our company would be better served to let the rental cars companies handle all that expense and up keep. We have a very reasonable rate with several rental agencies and the peace of mine to the owner of the repair shop, knowing the car is clean, newer, full of gas and in good working order is worth it.

    #auto #NAPA: Timing Belt Replacement in Colorado Springs - http://t.co/VyFaTH6EbE


  15. It's in my opinion that usually the "new in town" customer will look online at reviews and decide which repair shop to use no matter what they get in the mail. I was thinking about mailers previously but realized that if i was a "new in towner" that is what I would do. Just a thought.
  16. How are you guys handling the telemarketers who constantly call. Just this last Friday alone, we had 15-20 calls and it disrupts the Service Advisors working. I was thinking of hiring a answering service to answer calls, than if the calls are actual customers, they get transferred to the advisors.

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