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Diagnostic equipment

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When I worked for Ford, we often had to reprogram the ecm for most parts being swapped. With diagnostic tools like Snap-on Solus and Verdict, do you have the ability to do this? Im trying to find info on any scanner outside of the IDS really!

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Only OE Specific Scan Tools can guarantee that you can complete your repair 100% from Programming to Coding to Re-Learns to Reinitializing Modules. We can help you with handling all of this with ease. We really like to break it down by car count what makes sense for ROI, but some of our Customers are more concerned about having the ability to complete all repairs no matter what Make comes in their door.


We also should talk about adding our J2534 Device and specing you a Durabook that we can partition the hard drive so that you don't outgrow your computer too quickly. We also like to put these together because we know what works, depending on the Tools you add on you can have major issues with the version of Java on the Machine and you can waste a module quickly. With J2534 depending on Make like GM & Toyota you can have full OE Diagnostics and Programming so you can complete repairs easily with those Models, but on a Chrysler you get no Diagnostics but can Flash ECM & TCM if you have the right version loaded. Problem with this is you can do the programming but can't finish the repair with Re-Learns or Reinitializing. There is a lot to know here and this is where we can help you make the right choices in equipment and can help 100% with technical support to make you much more efficient.


There is a lot to consider when you get into this so Let us know if we can help.




[email protected]

(682) 300-4613

I find that the J2534 setups have several "holes" in their programming. My first attempt at setting up a Ford with a Mongoose cable was a disaster. I had to contact the manufacturer of the J2534 tool and an engineer at Ford who helped me walk through the process. It took all day to get it done between phone calls.


The car did start, did accept the theft initialization, and the initial programming per the download from Ford. However, this car was a 4WD vehicle. Unknown to me, and the Ford engineer, the download only covered the needed info for getting the vehicle started. (As the engineer found out later, based on the idea that the info needed and the purpose of the tool was allow the car to start and be driven to the nearest repair facility - NOT everything. (This was about 10ish years ago BTW)


The eventual outcome was to send it to the dealer and have another PCM installed. The guy at the dealership tried several times to override the download I put it, but it wouldn't allow it. A blank - unprogrammed PCM was the answer. Never found out if there was a problem with the PCM or if it was the download. Once it was changed out all the issues were taken care of.


I'm sure, by now, the J2534 setups are much better. After that debacle I bought an IDS.... end of the problems.

Just sayin'.

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Its sounds like more trouble than its worth! While at Ford, we often had engeneers visit the location due to faults with reprogramming things like the pscm or instrument cluster and several things security related. How do shops know if they can handle a specific repair or that it will require factory programming in the first place? Im trying to wrap my head around small full service shops. I dont want my oporation to be just tires and alignments but I am afraid that is what the future holds.

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The Snap-On scanners will get you a long way, especially the scope capabilities they have.


They will not provide much (if any) in the way of flashing. Regarding flashing, I am with Gonzo on this one. Either use the OEM scan tool, or don't even try to do it ... it's just too risky. Can you do it with aftermarket tools? Yes. Should you? No.


We just upgraded all of our scan tools. For $15k, we got the following tools:

  • Toyota/Lexus/Scion Techstream
  • Honda/Acura HDS
  • Ford IDS
  • GM Tech2
  • Hyundai/Kia G-Scan (also does a LOT more)
  • Volkswagen/Audi VCDS

A good Snap-On is going to cost you about half of that. Your A-tech should have that tool already anyway along with a good scope.


Our techs use these tools daily, and they have saved us MANY times.

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My question to you ATLAuto would be were your Tools you purchased authentic or cracked? Who did you buy them from?


They are all 100% legit. All came in OEM boxes with OEM paperwork. All were new when we bought them with the exception of the Tech2, which was a refurb. We actually had to swap that one out under warranty, and the seller sent us a brand new one to replace it. Exceptional service.


We have ongoing subscriptions to most of them. The ones that we use rarely, we just grab a 1 day subscription when we need it.


All of these tools have saved us on multiple occasions when we reach the end of the Snap-On capabilities. There are just so many things an OEM tool can do that a generic cannot.


Curious why you ask on whether we bought cracked vs. legit? That is a bit of an offensive question, I must admit. If we wanted cracked software, I would have gone on eBay and bought it all for well under $15k...

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As a New BannerBuzz.com Customer You Get 20% Off Your First Order! Use Code: FIRSTORDER for 20% Off Custom Banners, Decals, Marketing Materials, and Any Custom Print Needs! Offer Does Not End

As a New BannerBuzz.com Customer You Get 20% Off Your First Order! Use Code: FIRSTORDER for 20% Off Custom Banners, Decals, Marketing Materials, and Any Custom Print Needs! Offer Does Not End

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