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Customers, the other repair shop, and cheap parts


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I've read most of the posts on this page, and I have to say.... this is why I wrote "Hey Look, I Found the Loose Nut" We all have experienced these same situations with customers and I've written story after story based on those situations. I call it "therapy" for the tech.. we all need a little down time after a rough day and reading a couple of these stories lets you know... you are not alone. My stress level drops a notch or two after reading a story... I usually walk away with a smile by then.


To bad, there isn't a physcologist on hand at every shop to deal with the aftermath.

I've known techs that were far better than myself, but they either lacked the ability to maintain the dollars and cents side of the business, or more times than not... they couldn't handle the daily situations with the customers.



The latest story I'm working on is one that I'm sure we will all face sooner or later. The story goes something like this;

With the advent of the modern elecrtonic world it's harder and harder to have privacy. I recently had an encounter with a "new" customer that felt it was absolutely neccessary to get in contact with me after hours... She searched the web until she found an obscure listing I posted (probably after too many beers LOL) where I listed my home phone. Here it is, Saturday, 11:30 at night and this lady calls my house and wants me to go to the shop so she can get her kids basketball out of the back seat.


Well, you can see where that story is going to go... that'll be the next book. Gonz


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