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ASOG Podcast Ep 14 - Finally Finding & Fixing Your Problem w/ Jim Cokonis, Sr Curriculum Developer at Carquest Technical Institute

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In this episode, David & Lucas are joined by Jim Cokonis a Senior Curriculum Developer at Carquest Technical Institute.

They discuss some of the principles behind six sigma and the Toyota way. These are methodologies that allow you to dissect problems at hand, find solutions using the talent of those around you, as well as ensure that there is continuous improvement to prevent future issues.

These principles can be applied to everything from diagnosing a vehicle to diagnosing your own business.

If you're going to listen to the bonus content of only one episode, this is the one. Just head over to http://asog.site and click on the “become a patron now” button. 

All proceeds go to funding ASOG a 501c3 educational charity. So, your contribution is tax-deductible. Becoming an all-access Patron is only $6 a month. 

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      In our previous episode, David & Lucas were joined by Jim Cokonis, a Senior Curriculum Developer at Carquest Technical Institute. 
      We discussed the principles behind six sigma and the Toyota way and we found the conversation to be one of the most important we’ve ever had on the podcast. 
      Typically the second portion of the conversation is reserved for All-Access Patrons, but some of the things Jim had to say were too important to keep from everyone. 

      If you haven’t listened to episode 14, stop and listen to that first, then come back to this episode for the second half.  
      Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/AutoShopOwnersGroup)
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