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Got a bad apple in your Repair Shop? Remove it!

Joe Marconi


A shop owner friend called me the other today to complain about one of his technicians. He went on and on about his bad attitude, he comes in late, is always miserable, and brings down the morale of the shop. So I asked him, “Why do you keep him?” He replied, “He’s my best producer”

How many times have we heard this story? How many times have you said those exact words? As a shop owner you need to come to terms with the fact that a toxic employee will bring down the entire shop. Making excuses or giving this employee a pass because he’s a great producer is not a valid argument.

Eventually, the entire shop will spiral downward. Morale will deteriorate to a point where employees will shut down. In addition, the other employees will begin to question your judgment of people and “your” integrity. You will lose your credibility as owner of the company. When that happens, expect good people to leave.

A bad apple will destroy the bunch, and never leave the bushel unless you physically remove it. Once removed, morale will go up and so will production. And don’t be surprised when your other employees come to you and say, “Hey boss, what took you so long?”

Source: Got a bad apple in your Repair Shop? Remove it!
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I have that exact problem in my shop currently. His past month hasreally hit bottom in terms of comebacks, warranty costs, and attitude. If he's not making the most money in the shop he's a bear to deal with and everybody is brought down by his tantrums and outbursts. His wife is pregnant and due sometime around Christmas. I've given him warnings and tried to talk with him but he's just disrespectful and rude. We went for a test drive together last week and I asked him if he wants to keep working here and if this is what he really wants to be doing. 'I showed up didn't I?' was his response. This after the day before when I was out of the shop late in the day he was griping out loud for anyone to hear him saying how he's quitting. It is almost as if he's enjoying watching everyone on eggshells. He's a tough young man and has had some issues in his life but he can't seem to get over his anger or impatience. 

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