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Are Your Employees Looking to Leave You?

Joe Marconi


Employee Retention Repair ShopThere’s a lot of talk these days about finding quality employees. Creating a continuous recruiting process to find and hire quality people is essential for your overall success. However, shop owners also need to consider their existing employees and create a work environment where people feel wanted. The truth is you cannot afford to lose the people you have now, especially if those employees are superstars.  Another reality is that with so many shops looking to hire, they may be trying to recruit and hire your employees!      

To attract and retain employees, shop owners must create an amazing workplace experience. A great pay plan must also be a factor, along with benefits, but it’s not the entire reason why people stay employed with you. The truth is, people don’t quit businesses, they quit their boss or their manager.

This is not to say that a pay plan is unimportant. It is, especially these days. However, to get your employees truly engaged and want to continue working at your company requires having a workplace environment where people feel appreciated for the work they do, are encouraged, and have a feeling of shared purpose.  This will help anchor your employees to your business and help prevent them from looking over the fence for greener grass.

Lastly, get more involved with your employees on a personal level. Find out what matters to them.  Find out what their goals are.  When you align employee goals with company goals, you are well on your way to having a winning team. You will also create a strong bond with your employees. This strategy will help you retain employees, with a stronger and more profitable business in the long term.


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Treat your employees like human beings. Walk around the shop and touch base occasionally. Do no talk about the job or work. Take an employee out to lunch. Let them steer the conversation and don't talk about the job unless they bring it up. Don't be afraid to do little things like get water ice on hot summer days. Oh. Treat your employees like human beings.

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So true @Auto Repair Coach    I think many forget that employees often spend more time at work than they do with their family, friends, and at home.

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Great comments, when people feel appreciated and treated with respect, it makes a big difference in their attitude toward their job and the company they work for. 

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