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  1. Carl Atkinson

    Carl Atkinson

  2. Thanks for addressing this issue. When we are directed to put the best tires on the rear of a truck or even the trailer I think I may get out of the business. Until then I will continue my 45 year practice of not selling used tires for use on the front of a truck and putting the best matched pair of tires in the front of any vehicle. I have experienced blow out conditions in both front and rear tires and never lost control of my vehicle but for sure the front blowout tends to make the vehicles swerve somewhat in the direction of the blowout. When I first started driving we were limited to two lane highways will only a few inches between us and the oncoming vehicles. For sure I would like the best tire to be in the left front position just in case.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=542956935803322&set=pcb.542957022469980&type=1 I had given up on my 1987 Toyota 1 Ton Cab and Chasis with 375,000 miles and decided to look for a replacement. I was unable to find anything new for less than $25,000 and nothing I found used was acceptable in this style vehicle. I decided to rebuild this one and spent $10,000 to completely rebuild the engine with American parts except the new Toyota injectors, new steering and front end suspension parts, new body parts including glass with all felt and rubber parts plus all new lumber for the stakebed. I am hoping it lasts another 30 years because I plan to. I put a link to the photo that does not appear to have populated.
  4. Jeff, I have spent the past 40 years providing services to other auto dealers particularly with used tires, wheels and waste tire services. Of course I tend to deal mostly with those who have found a niche and are successful in selling those items along with the related auto services. I am particularly impressed with those shops who do not bat an eye at the price they charge for tires and they always have the best used tires included in the waste tires they ask me to remove from their stores. One in particular has been a customer of mine for more than 20 years and I have seen two management changes but the business is very much the same today as it was 20 years ago. From the outside looking in it seems to me they approach the tire business from an auto repair standpoint rather than the tire shop perspective I have always known. That means to me that they are very particular about the work they perform and always put the customer first. They do not do partial work on anything and if you as a customer are trying to negotiate prices they tend to suggest other shops for the work. The shop is always full when I call on them about once a month and I get the impression that means they have people waiting to make appointments. The variety of customer vehicles runs from very old restored or classic vehicles to very late model high end luxury cars and includes a lot of everyday mid priced cars probably 5 to 10 years old. The cars all seem to be in good condition by looking at them and the tires I see coming off those that needed tires are normally taken off due to a maximum of 6 years on the date of the tires. That policy is consistent with the general impression I have of these businesses. They do not concern themselves with price on anything and simply insist on doing the best they know how to do on everything. By the way the tires I see them selling are also higher priced brand names. Now none of that applies to those who sell tires primarily where price is everything and volume is the only way they can make enough to pay their help. That is not to say that this is not a good way to go but if your heart is in Auto Repair instead of tires I suggest you consider the previous style. Good luck, the tire business has been good for me and I am having some pangs in giving it up.
  5. Starting September 9, 2013 I will be liquidating all tires, wheels, hubcaps, supplies and equipment used to sell tires and wheels wholesale for the past 40 years. The shop is in Hesperia, California some 70 miles from Los Angeles on the way to Las Vegas. The tires include high performance used tires 17", 18' and some 20" plus pickup, medium truck and forklift or loader equipment tires in various sizes. Online inventory will be available soon after I return to California on the 9th. In this list I have three new Coats Tire Machines in original unopened boxes I had purchased for an expansion. Anyone already in the tire business could easily use the tire shop supplies including patches, cement, valve stems and lug nuts. The tools used to install those patches etc. are also useful and cheap. I sell 31 Products supplies and have some inventory of new material at less than WD prices. Local dealers will like the portable storage units I have used at this site including 20', 24' 28' and 48' trailers and truck bodies with rollup doors. All in all this could be an opportunity for someone so call 800 75 TIRES and I will answer any question you might have or send you photos of any specific item. Carl the HubCap Kid Wheels Etc 17521 Mesa St. Hesperia, CA 92345 909 350 8200
  6. When we were actively selling aftermarket hubcaps and wheels covers much like those you find at Pep Boys and WalMart I would refuse to sell a set to a husband who came in alone. I always insisted he come back with his wife. Yes there were a few who got mad and never came back but many thought it was a good idea and did return often the same day. I seldom missed a sale once I had both of them choosing. I should add that occasionally it was like selling shoes at Sears and I would have several sets out to try on before I made the sale. Had to have an edge over the big box stores.
  7. I read the entire topic tonight and found a lot of opinion but little in the way of experience. I am sure a case can be made for liability in selling used tires but history proves that more lives have been taken and money judgements rendered where new tires that failed are the root of the case. I really don't understand the politics in the cases for a ban on used tires in Maryland, Florida, New York and Texas. I do know the legislation in Texas is more about the transportation of WASTE tires similar to those rules in most states and in Maryland the case was being made for the date of manufacture of a tire. Unfortunately, legislators have less experience with tires than auto shop owners who might be thinking about selling tires. When I started selling used tires they were made with Rayon cord and had a very short tread life. Nylon made a much stronger tire and doubled the mileage. The sidewall of a nylon bias ply tire could be very cracked from ozone exposure and continue to run for years but averaged about 30,000 miles total. As radials became more popular due to a smoother ride and longer mileage we learned that the sidewalls did not last after some aging began to crack the rubber. The six or seven years considered in those bills is not unreasonable for most radial tires but should not apply to all tires used on or off the highway. Some of the legislation being considered is directed at the repair of tires which I think expose a dealer to much greater liability. I sell repair material to my used tire dealer/customers and insist they take hands on training to properly repair a tire. I do not sell plugs despite my supplier insisting they can be a great time saver. Someone mentioned a disclaimer in selling used tires and I want you to know my business has been built on a "no questions asked 30 day guarantee". I will not sell any product I can not stand behind.
  8. Hey Gonzo, Christmas is past, Santa is not on the wanted list, nobody reported the theft so I am not going to return my gifts. I am going to double down and make this the best year in this century. I am starting by taking the next 4 days off for a short trip to visit friends with my wife. She said we never go any where. I wish you and the whole crew a very prosperous New Year. I'll chat with you after the holiday.

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