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  1. Thank you Joe for putting things into perspective for us. We appreciate your thoughts, especially in a time like this.
  2. swamp'sauto


  3. It's a tough thing to do especially when you've done things yourself for so long.It comes second nature that to get things done and done right you have to do it youself. This is obviously not the way for an owner to be most productive. I'm constantly asking myself if what i'm doing is the most productive/profitable thing i could be doing. It makes sense that if i'm not as proficient or productive at something it might be more cost effective to hand the hat over to someone that specializes in that certain part of the the business. (for me it's my bookeeping) I thought along with the million other things i had to do as an owner i coud do my books...I can do them but something else would suffer in the business. We as owners have to face the facts that we can't do everything and we need to delegate some of the load to others in the shop.

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