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  1. We are in the process of switching to a digital inspection system that will allow us to send customers a detailed vehicle report including pictures and videos. We're about to invest in tablets for our technicians, and I'm hoping some of you have already traveled this road and can lend some advice on which type of tablets to buy or not to buy. I'm leaning toward Samsung, but I've also heard good things about the Amazon Fire tablets. I'm open to all feedback, but I have absolutely no interest in buying Apple products. Their totalitarian attitude toward their hardware and software systems just doesn't jive with my free-market values. Key Considerations: Speed and functionality Durability Camera must have a flash Low cost is a plus, but less important Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm using the latest version of RO Writer, and it's absolutely horrible. Imagine if someone designed a car with every single feature you could possibly imagine, but it would only go 20 mph and it broke down every single week. That's what using RO Writer is like. It's a very good software when it works, but it's always slow and is full of bugs. From what I understand, they're still using a Microsoft Access database system from the 90's.

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Fast Free Shipping on All Orders Over $50
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