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  1. We are also a small shop in a small town, same situation. I have been contemplating an upgrade myself. We use QuickBooks and it's worked well for us. I may consider an upgrade down the road, but for now it does what I need.
  2. Michigan order has been delayed until the end of May, I'm not convinced it won't go into the middle or end of June. We're closed, but I'm in the office fielding calls in hopes of business. people just aren't coming out. We are in a small town in SW Michigan. I'm getting calls for oil changes and tire repairs, but I can't really call mechanics in for work that has such a minimal profit margin. I will end up costing me money in the long run. I'm considering opening up one or two days a week to see how it goes. I'm a female operator and not a mechanic myself so I can't do the work without my mechanics. I honestly don't know what to do at this point. Of course with the UIA and PUA, laid off employees are getting paid more than they would working full time, they have no reason to even want to come back to work. Any input is welcomed.
  3. I've had this happen also. We have more regular customers than not, so I can guess who may put me in this position. If I have doubts and out of pocket parts costs will dent my pocket, I will consider asking for a deposit on higher jobs, if they're not my regular customers, especially for special order parts. We are a small business, I can't carry these comfortably. I have implied that I will charge storage fees, that does help speed up the pick up. Kindly stated, customers should understand that we have to carry these costs. Reminder phone calls can't hurt either.
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