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  1. I was called by ATI West about a profits and dreams seminar. Can anyone tell me if this is worth the time and money to attend. I went to a Management success seminar years ago, All they did is try to sign you up for there 10,000$ consulting program. I do not want to wast a weekend to find out ati is the same. Its also on my 10th wedding anniversary. Thanks any input will help
  2. I need to find out the best way to send reminders and specials to my customers, Is anyone using the Mitchell CRM, or any other ideas, Thanks David
  3. Thank you, Very helpfull, Wish i found this site sooner, Its nice to be able to see what other shops are doing, hopefully i can help also.
  4. Could i get some ideas on what you base your bonus plan on?
  5. Can ask if you are paying all of medical cost, percentage?
  6. I am not sure how to track productivity, I am using mitchell manger, is there a way to us this?
  7. I have a 4 bay shop with 2 techs, stay very busy most of the time, I have a tech that has been with me for 20 years, He can pretty mutch fix anything i put in front of him, I pay by the hour 27$, Full medical with 2500$ deductable and 115 a month life ins, I have not given any raises i a few years, He is starting to question what more i can do, I do not want to loose him, but i do not know how i am paying compared to other shops, Anyone have any creative ideas? what are shops offering for benifits, retirement, Thanks David

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