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Arranging an event to occur creating consistent behavior and making it possible to know what to expect in advance

You’ll discover…

  • The simple 3 step, 11 word formula that’s virtually guarantees car count before the end of the week
  • The 6 Ugly Truths about your customers and why they don’t respond to your marketing
  • The reality of your biggest asset (Caution: Some accountants have told me I’m crazy – read the book and you tell me!)
  • Myths debunked: Discover the one misconception that keeps over 98% of repair shop owners from reaching the success, dreams and goals they went into business for originally.
  • The advanced strategies, methods and tactics used by insiders of my mastermind groups to eliminate the stress and frustration of keeping service bays full and technicians busy.
  • Disturbing industry statistics from the US Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics – this is not only disturbing – it’s startling and stunning!
  • The number one reason why shop owners fail – and it’s probably not what you’re thinking

If you want to increase your car count and keep your service bays full, this will prove to be the most informative, powerful book you will read this year. 
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Matthew Lee
"The Car Count Fixer"


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