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Hey Look, I Found the Loose Nut

Here are some of the reviews on MY book. It's not wise to judge your own work, so I copied some of the reviews other people have left about my book. I do think it's a pretty funny look at you and I in the business of auto repair as well as how silly the customer can look when you take them out of their comfort zone.


Pickup a copy either at my website or thru Amazon.com. Ask at your local book store if they don't have it I'm sure they can order it in for you.


If you have any comments, leave them here for everyone else to read too. Thanx again. Gonzo






A Humorous Look at Customers from a Service Technician's View Having been in private business for many years, I've learned customers are the key to good business. Any service person will tell you that customers can provide a lot of fodder for good stories. So, instead of just telling my stories, I've written them down. Reading this book will give an inside view of what it's like from the other side of the counter. Whether you are a customer or a service person, some parts of these stories will jog your memory of a past situation. Humorous, thought provoking, but never meant to be serious. Just a fun read, with helpful tips to keep in mind when you step up to that counter. About the Author Scott "Gonzo" Weaver was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and now resides in the mid-west. He was given his trademark moniker, "Gonzo", while serving in the USMC. You will usually find him under a hood or dash repairing cars, as he has for the past 25 years. This review is from: Hey Look! I Found the Loose Nut! (Paperback) Being in the auto repair biz about 25 years. The book has good insight on daily life dealing with the public. Its no easy task to keep people happy while repairing cars. No one likes to spend money on car repair(unless its for an upgrade) and can treat the mechanic like its his/her fault the car is broke down.


All we ever hear is how mechanics rip-off or are imcompetent. Should be the other way around. Media should report how crappy general public treat mechanics. We need to make a living too and yes, good car repair is expensive.


Its the unskilled and untrained so called mechanics that taint the industry for good mechanics. Because they don't know how to run a business except by bashing good repair shops and doing cheap, hack type repairs.


The book is not about bashing public or customers but gives nice examples of the different walks of life we deal with daily. Thanks for the good read :)



This review is from: Hey Look! I Found the Loose Nut! (Paperback) Very funny book! I couldn't put it down - the stories kept getting funnier and funnier! If you work with people (retail, service, etc) you have to get this book.


This review is from: Hey Look! I Found the Loose Nut! (Paperback) I was pleasantly surprised after reading "Gonzo's" book! Of course, everyone should buy this book to give to their favorite car mechanic. But I also think the author's philosophy on many of life's experiences is refreshing and, mechanic or not, we all can relate to his "customers" in one way or another. I intend to steal a quote from Scott myself to hang somewhere in my office---"It's like living on a teeter totter. One side is "genius" and the other side is "idiot", and all day long you are walking back and forth on the board, trying to keep the teeter-totter balanced...." This book will make you take a second look at how you've been treating your automobile repairman. And you'll wish you could take your car to "Gonzo"!

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