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Santa and the Economy - - A poem for the season

Ode to Santa and the Economy




There goes Santa, running for his sleigh;


He’s got to run fast, to get away.


You see, the economy has struck the North Pole as well;


The elves are on strike, and his wife is givin' em' hell.


These days when Santa appears at the local department store;


It’s not just for fun or photos, but for gifts he needs to score.


He'll check the store layout and make a quick dash;


Why even Santa max'd out his credit card and is low on cash.


So off he goes, into the night;


To find those gifts, and get out of sight.


Now, he’s not going to make a whole lot of stops;


‘Cause look out Santa… here comes the cops.


Santa leaps to his sleigh and fly’s far into the night;


Carrying all those gifts, on his yearly flight.


Way into the morning, the police search high and low;


Only to find a few tracks left in the snow.


You'll hear all the alarms blaring, late into the night;


But old Saint Nick will be long gone, and clean out of sight.


Santa has to be quick, to have it done by Christmas Eve;


So many gifts, and so many places to be…


The presents will be wrapped, and the tags will be off;


Cause old Santa is very careful, not to get caught.


So check your presents, early on Christmas day;


(Keep it hush-hush if they're from Santa, OK...?)


Now, I don’t know if Old Saint Nick, stopped at your house or not;


But I thought you should know … … … … …





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How appropiate. The economy has not changed a bit. They created an illusion that were in better shape in 2013 but not! They will be after Santa forever as will never see interest rates rise again and Santa will always

owe money. broke-santa.jpg

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Great parallel to today's times. I know I have said this in the past, but you truly have a gift. A weekend cannot go by unless I read your articles. And your Christmas columns are extra special.


Thanks again!

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