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  2. Yes, they showed me how to do that but it didn't always go away for some reason. I do use Chrome too. We do a lot of quotes without ever seeing the vehicles since we're dealing with lift kits and stuff like that rather than repair work. I think it could work fine for most situations like you said but for our custom setup (and I think the OP's) it may not be the best route. Glad it's working for you.
  3. For me it was just a death by a thousands cuts type thing. It seemed like every time I used it I wrote down 10 things that either didn't work or that weren't very intuitive. Just messing with the demo it looked good but when I signed up and started to try and use it for a full job start to finish the flaws were quick to show. It's been a few weeks now and I threw out the notes but here was one of lists I emailed them and what they responded with. Actually by phone later when I called because I didn't get response to the email. This was just one of several calls with similar results for other little issues. 1. When creating a quote the customer's info gets pulled in but not their e-mail address so I have to close the quote to go to the customer file and get the address to send the quote. Then there's no where to add a message to the quote. -A- We know the quote system isn't fully functional and are working on it. 2. When building a quote our stock parts aren't being included in the search so we end up duplicating parts. -A- No real answer 3. I can't find anywhere to make changes to what is shown on quotes or parts sales invoices (ie - turn off part numbers, show discounts etc) -A- Again, quotes aren't fully functional yet. 4. When I get an e-signature I get two emails telling me it was signed but that doesn't change anything in the system to accepted. It says it will show in the printed history on the invoice but I don't see a printed history on the invoice. -A- You just have to go in and manually update the status. Getting the approval via email changes nothing in the system. 5. Honestly the quote system seems unusable as it is so I end up creating ROs for estimates but there seems to be no way to delete or void out an RO so they are stuck in my WIP screen even if they are declined. -A- Yeah most people just use the R/O for quotes. They can be deleted though. (I tried that and they didn't go away. Also left a gap in the R/O numbering) As I noted above I also had trouble with the PO system since adding the parts to an R/O didn't actually create a PO or any other notification that there were parts that needed to be ordered for the job. They said if it was a job specific part and didn't need to be inventoried there was no need to mess with the PO system. I didn't really see any difference when I set them to Inventory Part with 0 for low stock. MaxxTraxx I just set everything as inventory and when I close an R/O it yells at me to order parts in until I tell it to quit or get the parts here. If it's a really oddball, never to be used again part I can just create a quick part and it doesn't save it anywhere but that's rare. Basically for a custom shop like ours there was just too many little things that didn't work. It may be great if you do the same type of work over and over and have the stock parts on the shelf or if you don't do a lot of custom quoting for people. Just my experience. MaxxTraxx is still flawed for what we do also but it's much more customizable. Unfortunately it is tied to the PC workstation and isn't cloud based which is why I have been looking at others to begin with.
  4. That's what I found with ShopBoss. If everything worked the way it should and they fixed some of the work flows I think it has potential. Similar to your experience with Profitboost they told me there was no need to track POs for parts that just came in for a single job because it wasn't "inventory". Well I still need to know what's on order and what isn't so that was a little odd. I did also take a look at ShopWare but didn't have time to really give it an honest try. First impression for me was the same though. The workflow was a little odd. Glad it's not just me. Sometimes I think I might miss something good trying to force it work my way instead of being a little flexible and learning to use the software.
  5. We're on MaxxTraxx Pro right now and it's lacking the mobility you're looking for. Because of that I've been checking into other options. Last week we pulled the trigger on Shop Boss and in the demo it looked great but I found it wasn't quite ready for prime time once we started really using it for day to day so we're back to MT for the moment. We don't need the mobile in the way you do but everything else we use is cloud based and not being tied to one work station is just the way to go these days. I'll be interested to see what you find.

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