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  1. Suzanne Hawley

    Consider Joining Family Service Day!

    I wanted to jump in here to welcome your phone call to learn more about Family Service Day. Every event is unique based on the shop itself (# of employees, # lifts, hours of operation, time of year, # of families you want to help, etc.). We have worked with a wide range of shops including small, family run shops with no marketing experience to larger shops with multiple shops and a dedicated marketing person. Positive results are not based on quantity but the quality of the event. Shops that hold a small event and service 5 families can make the same impact as a larger event that services 22. We are here to help you create an event that's exactly right for you. The annual membership fee includes a Blueprint© that offers a step-by-step guide to help plan and execute a great event. The Blueprint includes templates for media advisories, press releases, scripts for Facebook posts so that even the least experienced marketers have all the right tools. In addition to that, you are assigned a coach to answer questions, offer event ideas and marketing support throughout the entire planning process. After you hold your first event, you'll receive a Member Rewards Package valued at 125% of the membership fee. The Rewards Package is a way for our industry partners to thank the shops for joining a movement of shops that is creating positive changes in businesses and communities across America. For a list of rewards, visit http://www.familyserviceday.org/get-involved. I welcome a call at any time to learn more about your shop, and how we can help. My direct line is 603.487.2038. Suzanne Hawley, Executive Director, Family Service Day
  2. Suzanne Hawley

    Consider Joining Family Service Day!

    Congratulations Joe on your first event! And thank you for sharing your insights with us. For shops that are interested in hosting events in their own communities, please visit http://www.familyserviceday.org/get-involved or call 844.359.1105. It would be our honor to work with you. Suzanne Hawley Executive Director Family Service Day Ltd. 603.487.2038 (direct line)