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  1. My shop is in a very rural area in South Carolina. We are mainly a new tire dealer and we have been here for over 40 years. We repair and replace everything from hand truck tires all the way up to large radial rear tractor tires. We do alignments, brakes, front end suspension work, batteries, and oil changes. We have been successful at what we do, but I see the effects of the internet and additional competition from car dealers, big box, etc. on tires and rims. I took over from my dad about 3 years ago and I added oil changes and focused more on the alignment and front end suspension work, which has been great. I have a great alignment and suspension guy. My background is more finance and the business side of things as opposed to the mechanical side of things. I would like to get into doing more for our customers. I want to get some opinions on what types of services we should offer, and how I can find a decent general maintenance tech. I don't think that we should jump full on into engine and transmission work, but I could see doing things like master cylinders, ac work, fuel filters, general maintenance, etc. I am going to have a pretty steep learning curve on this, so any pointers you guys could provide will be appreciated.