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About Me

Carm Capriotto is a connector of aftermarket professionals and is the founder and host of Remarkable Results Radio, the premier automotive aftermarket industry podcast. It’s talk radio for aftermarket professionals.  Through interviews with the best in the business, sharing their unfiltered, honest and sincere stories with the goal of helping others solve their pain points and share knowledge.

The voices, ideas and insights that are shaping the future of the automotive aftermarket reside on the industry’s premier podcast. The on-demand technology of podcasts provides free and on-demand listening anywhere in the world. Carm is proud to help thousands of aftermarket professionals achieve their own remarkable results through this very powerful medium.

Carm admires the hard-working service professional. “There is an entrepreneurial spirit there that makes them stand out.” As an award-winning aftermarket podcaster, he has not only spotlighted many successful service professionals, but he has also interviewed aftermarket business coaches, trainers, technicians, educators, students, association executives, female shop owners and husband and wife shop owners.

Carm also hosts the weekly show Aftermarket Weekly LIVE and the Town Hall Academy



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