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  1. I estimate I make my shop gross labor and parts about 600k a year. I know that I wouldn't get that starting out but I Could work up to it.
  2. I understand this might be a personal question and multiple factors would change the outcome. However can anyone give me a rough estimate if the business is making 1 million gross a year ,what might a net profit estimate be. I'm just trying to figure out what I would need to do in sales in order to take home close to the amount I do now.
  3. The house is rented. What do you recommend for a business plan. Study up and do it myself or hire someone to do it with my input? Do you know how much of a down payment is needed for a business loan? I was thinking it would be 20-40%. Which makes me wonder how people get this kind of money together. I had also thought about going in without a loan and start small.
  4. Lmao. I often don't know what my kids are saying to me.
  5. Hi, I have wanted to start my own shop for a while. I am having trouble finding resources for this matter. I am wondering how you started your businesses. Capital, business plans, first year profits? I am master tech and make decent money however I have two houses and a family to support. So, to jump into a business I would need enough money to fall back on while the business grows. I would definitely start out with a small shop to keep cost down. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Nick
  6. Ive had many of these with bad crank sensors. Intermittent no start. Usually when they warm up they act up. If this is one of the ones with the ignition modules below the coil pack. Ive had a lot of issues with them also causing the same issue.

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