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Will you adapt and cope with changing automotive technology?

Joe Marconi


Will you adapt and cope with changing technology?


I remember back in the mid 70s, my boss complaining that electronic ignition was going to destroy our business. “They are taking away our tune up business”, he would say. In some ways, he was right.

Technology and change is something that we cannot control. In fact, “change” is perhaps the one thing we Can count on. And, as in life, it’s how we deal with change that matters.


I guess the blacksmiths of late 1880s viewed their future with apprehension. Those that aligned themselves with the horse and carriage, faded into oblivion, those that viewed themselves as someone who could adjust to the change, became our first mechanics.


We are at a critical crossroads again. Hybrids, electric cars, hydrogen cars and other new technologies will bring great changes to the automotive world. How will we cope with these changes?


In the mid 1980s, Smith Corona, a 100 year old type writer company, vowed to never abandon what made them so successful; the typewriter. In 1995 Smith Corona filed for bankruptcy. Smith Corona looked to the past, when it should have been looking to the future: The Personal Computer Age.


To secure your future, look to the future. There you will find opportunity. Oh, it will be different, but there will be opportunity for those who adapt.


It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.

-Charles Darwin



Source: Will you adapt and cope with changing automotive technology?


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