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The Lonely Leader

Joe Marconi


Everyone has their own perception on life and the world around them. This perception becomes reality and it’s the only reality that matters. At least for most. This does not always hold true for shop owners.


As shop owners, we don’t always have the luxury of viewing things from our perceptive. There are other people around us and their families to consider. As the owner, and the leader, our concerns and issues take a backseat to the concerns and issues of others. This is something I know we accept and we do our best everyday to look at things from the perceptive of others.


For me, it’s been 33 years since I put the key in the door of my repair shop for the first time. And I can tell there are times when I feel like it’s the 12th round of a 10 round boxing match.


I am not complaining, mostly because my position does not allow me to complain. Leaders and business owners have to remain strong, positive and put the interest of others before themselves. This is in part what makes a leader a leader; the ability to put one’s interest aside for the greater good of others.


However, this makes it very lonely at times. Leaders must have vision and work to not only improve themselves but improve the lives of others. Leaders also must look to praise and recognize the accomplishments of others.

Moral building and team spirit become the essential building blocks of any organization. We as shop owners are well aware of this. I am not asking those who are employed to understand all of this. But please, is it too much to ask for just a little consideration and understanding of what WE go through?


I am not going to get into all the petty situations that drive us crazy. It really does not matter. I also realize that the words I am putting on paper will do more good for me, and hopefully for you, reading this. It will not, I am sure, change the way many people think and act who simply go to work each day and expect a pay check at the end of the week.


Ok, that’s off my chest. I feel better. To be honest, things are not that bad. I have a great family, great wife and three amazing children. I have built a company that I am proud of; a business that was only a dream decades ago. I entered this industry as a mechanic and was transformed into an entrepreneur. I have achieved a lot of the years. And I am not done yet. There is still much more to do and will work hard to achieve my goals and aspirations.


Maybe I try too hard. Maybe I judge others by how I was and how I am today. Maybe that’s wrong. Perhaps, I am not the leader I think I am. Leaders must find other potential leaders and cultivate them to become future leaders. Leaders must also be understanding and find the good in others, and not focus on the negative. Maybe I needed to write this tonight to remind myself to stop complaining and get back to work. If something isn’t right, then I should take a long hard look in the mirror. The answer to my problems and questions can be found in the man staring back at me. So, let me get back to work.


Yes, a leader can be real lonely at times. But I would not want it any other way!


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A good leader always shows how to lead. A good leader also understands they are not perfect and that some of their decision will affect others either for the good or the... not so good.


I think you have those traits. I think you're just where you ought a be.

Your compassion for the trade is self evident.

and I'm proud to say I know Joe Marconi. Entrepreneur, mechanic, community leader, and family man.

A tip of the hat to ya Joe.

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I really appreciate your kind words. I guess the transformation from mechanic to businessman can seem out of sorts at times. You know as well as anyone, when you are in the trenches with the men, it's a lot different when you take a desk job back at HQ. Leadership takes on a different meaning.


My roots are in the mechanics. I know that my path is different now and that I need to accept the challenges before me. I do want to make a difference and make this industry a profession we can all be proud of.


Thanks for your support; when I have great people like you around me, I know we can all achieve great things.

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