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Expanding The Business: Growing Pains

Joe Marconi


Since our opening on April 25, 2009 we have increase business by a whopping 29%. We now have to insure that this becomes the norm and not just a grand opening bounce. Just about all our plans are falling into place. The added four bays and increased parking have allowed us to take on more work and become more efficient. We handle just about all walk-ins and refuse no one who calls for an appointment. We are determined to take care of our customers on their schedule, not ours.


There is, however, a down side to the increase. We are starting to get a few complaints from customers on a variety of issues. We track customer service through a CSI cards, phone calls and email surveys. Our scores, although still very good, are not what they were prior to the opening. Our score prior to the opening was around 99.9%. That number has decreased to around 97%. This is unacceptable to me. I called for a team meeting last week to discuss this issue. Out of the meeting we found that we may be understaffed and that our attention to our customers is suffering. Our car counts have increased from 18-20 cars per day to 32 to 40 cars per day. The logistics of handling the increase, phone calls and other daily duties has put a strain on the entire staff.


We need to regroup and analyze every step of the sales and service process: From the phone calls, to scheduling, to dispatching, to the actual service or repair and car delivery.


This is where we are right now. Trust me, I have no regrets. These are good problems to have. Most important is that we maintain what made us successful in the past. And that’s serving the public, providing the very best in customer service and automotive care.


Stay tuned!


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