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Expanding The Business: Open For Business!

Joe Marconi


Our grand opening was held on Saturday, April 25th. The weather was perfect. Hundreds of people came out to visit our new facility. The affair lasted all-day and ended about 7:30 that evening. All the money spent on prompting the affair was well worth it.


A special thanks to CARQUEST Auto Parts, who provided their barbecue wagon, blow-up racecar, tent, banners and other items.


It was great to see many customers share in the festivities and we had the chance to meet many new people from the community. We had a local radio station broadcasting a live remote that helped bring many people in and created a lot of excitement in the area.


We opened the new 4 bay expansion shop officially on Monday, April 27th. The first week we had an increase of 27% in sales. This bounce in sales is obviously due to the excitement we created with months of promotions. Now we need to maintain the momentum.


The best news is that the techs love the new facility. We had a meeting after the first week and everyone said that although we worked on more cars than usual it didn’t seem has hectic. We have total of 10 bays now and 6 techs, leaving bays open for walk-ins and up sells. Also, if a tech is waiting for parts that will not arrive for an hour or so, he can use one of the open bays, rather than putting the car back together. This increases productivity.


I will keep this blog open to report on the progress of the new shop.


Photos will follow soon too.


Stay tuned!


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