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Giving Prices over the phone is the same as a diagnosis

Joe Marconi



A woman called her dentist the other day and asked how much would a root canal cost. Her dentist replied, “Sure, hold on, let me look that up. Ok, that’ll be around $1400 for that job. Would you like to come in and have that root canal done?” Ridiculous scenario, you’re thinking? I agree! A dentist would never give a price over the phone without first examining the patient.


Why do some shops continue to give prices over the phone? Even something as simple as a wheel alignment price can lead the customer and you in the wrong direction. Do you really know the car needs an alignment?


Pricing over the phone is the same as giving them a diagnosis. When a customer calls for a price on a water pump and you give a price, you are saying to them, “Yes, it IS the water pump and here’s the price. And then you get the car in the bay and it needs hoses, a thermostat, and the radiator is leaking, not the pump.


Giving prices over the phone also tells the caller to please judge you on price alone; a road I refuse to go down.


I know this is going to push a lot of buttons today, but my tip today is to resist giving prices over the phone. Get the car into you bay, perform the inspection and/or the proper testing and then when you know what the problem is, sell the job.


We are professionals, no different than the Dentist.


Your thoughts?





Source: Giving Prices over the phone is the same as a diagnosis

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I get it. However, shop service folks that handle the phones just need to know how to talk to people and reason with them. "Sir, water pump costs about $$ to $$$. It is possible that something else is needed or more than just a water pump to fix it right. It might cost less or possibly more. Best thing to do is have us check it out for you first. Come on by!"


I can tell you a lot customers, especially men, do NOT like paying for a "diagnosis". add it in to the labor cost for the job, but always pay the tech/mech for time spent "checking it out"( diagnosis) whether the job is approved or not.


Of course you probably knew all of this already.

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