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Expanding the Business: Step 9, Making Tough Decisions.

Joe Marconi


The construction of a new building involves a coordinated effort among many people and all must pull their weight in the right direction. Without teamwork and precise harmonization, things start to fall apart. And the buck stops with ME. No one else will share the blame when things go wrong. It’s a lot like running your business; every day you make tough decision that may not be favorable to everyone.


This process of expanding the business has taught me to make those tough decisions based upon what is best for the company. You need to analyze what is best for the project to insure its success. It’s not important that a friend who happens to be an electrician did not get the contract. If you decide that another electrician is a better choice then make the right decision. Your friend will have to understand. And, besides, he doesn’t help you write the mortgage check…does he?


Remember, in the end the entire success of the project rests on your shoulders. It’s not a popularity contest. When my kids were young I would tell them: “I am not your friend, I am your father. I make decisions based on what is best for you. I don’t worry about whether you approve of my decision”.


There is a lot at stake with a project of this size. Educate yourself, do your homework, ask many questions and make those tough decisions. Think it’s easy? No. Does it get easier? No. Will you make mistakes? Yes. But you will never hit a home run unless you swing the bat. And sometimes you strike out too.


Stay tuned!


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