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Expanding the Business: Step 8, Getting Your Signage Approved

Joe Marconi


After weeks of working with a graphic designer and reviewing tons of marketing information, we finally agreed upon the new signage and tag lines for the business. The new logo is redesigned from the old logo and will be more visible from the road. The tag lines are simple and to the point. The colors did not change: red, white and blue. We proudly took our new proposed signage to the Architectural Review Board for approval only to be shot down like a duck on the first day of hunting season.


The panel consisted of six people who scrutinized my drawings as if there was a deep, dark, hidden message within my logo. They talked among themselves as if I were not even in the room. The funny thing about it was that the chairman said he had no problems or issue with my signage. It was the rest of the panel that had issues, especially one woman who wanted to change the shape of the signs; which would actually change the logo.


I lost my cool for a moment and asked the panel if they gave McDonalds, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and K-Mart a hard time about their signs, colors and logos. I went on to explain that logo branding is a key part in marketing and that extensive research goes into logo and signage design. That did not go over well. All I got after my comments were blank stares and an invitation to come back in two weeks.


Their concerns were that the signage might not go well with the building design. From the road, the building shows only the customer service area, the work bays face the rear of the property. Maybe they have a point.


So now I need to go back and make changes and compromises, but holding to my original logo design.


When dealing with town boards, compromises are inevitable.


Stay tuned!


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