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  1. Hello Auto Shop Owner Members, just wanted to drop in the "New Guy" section and meet the neighbors (so to speak). Been reading some different posts on here over the last couple of days and like some of the discussions I see going on, of which I think I can contribute some quality info to... At least when it comes to web design and internet marketing topics. A little about myself: I have been a professional web developer for almost 14 years now as well as a professional graphics designer. If any of you have been involved with Action Pursuit Games (Paintball), then you probably have seen a lot of my work in various industry magazines, websites and even event marketing materials such as banners, trailers, team jerseys and more. I used to be the main web developer and graphics designer for one of the largest paintball corporations in the industry and provided web marketing & design services to a few other big name companies in the industry as well. However, about 2.5 years ago I decided get out and take my skills to the automotive industry. Why? because my true love is in motorsports and I love creating "Flashy" powerful "automotive" type graphics. I also wanted to get away from the big corporate mess and focus on helping small businesses. The auto repair industry was a perfect answer for the industry I wanted to serve. It's been a great ride so far and have made some good relationships over the last couple of years. A little about my company: Our team has developed a custom CMS (content management system) from the ground up which gives our clients (auto repair shop owners) the ability to manage their entire website with an extremely easy to use online software solution. We are actually about to release version 4.0 of this software which features some new tools to help increase search engine ranking. Our complete website development and marketing services is really unique in that we offer free consulting to all our clients, free maintenance, free marketing assistance and are currently offering free logo design services and a free domain name to anyone that signs up with us!! We offer some pre-built template designs that you can choose & customize, or you can get a completely custom site built from scratch exclusively for your shop. I should also point out that we have teamed up with some industry leading professionals to provide even more services like AutoNet TV Videos, and Software Solutions and Training from Vin Waterhouse. You can visit our website at www.turnkeyautoshop.com (Turnkey Auto Shop) which has all the juicy details on what we offer. Oh, and I really need to mention that we are also currently offering a 5-day Trial Offer website so you can "Try Before You Buy". Thanks so much for taking the time to read a little about me and my company! I hope I can provide some quality info to this site's members and I hope you all will take the liberty to email me or call me anytime for assistance or just to chat about questions or concerns you may have.

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