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  1. I would think your business plan and cash reserves should be such as you are able to carry those technicians on the payroll, whether you have business or not. Why would I come to work for you as a tech on a start up with no guarantee? What's in it for me? I also think that 2 techs isn't enough if you are already advertising and marketing the business.  Maybe it takes 6 months to a year to become profitable. That's where having a detailed business plan with income statements is a must. You need to be running those numbers to see where you will be and what it's going to take to be profitable.  

    1. Dakotaj96


      This is very true and yes I do have cash reserves in place and could afford 2 techs for quite a while even if we had no pay. However, I guess I am just more curious on how people handled employees at the start of the business. Such as, did you hire 3 great techs 2 weeks before you open to properly train them or did you have 2 guys that started opening day and use the initial slow period to train and have say another guy lined up to start a month after opening? Just trying to find the best way to do this. Thank You!

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