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  1. I'm concerned we need to open on Saturday's to stay competitive. We have always been a 5 day per week shop.

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    2. dfrisby


      I chose to be open Monday through Saturday. Often Saturday is my busiest day for customers picking up and dropping off because they work full time Monday through Friday. When I was an employee, it always bothered me to have to take time off to do anything. I have two techs, and they are on 4 10's during the week, and then they alternate Saturdays if I need them. Most of the time I just handle it myself Saturday. The customers appreciated me being open on the weekends and for me it real...

    3. dfrisby


      it really comes down to convenience for my customers.


    4. John Pearson

      John Pearson

      We go back and forth. during our winterization and auto start season we are open 6-7 days a week. but once the rush is over we go back to 5 days a week. we also only do winterizations and auto starts on saturday and drop off only. this way the guys can just rock and roll.