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  1. John Klarkowski

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    We have a listing on Angie's List but we're not a full- fledged member.. But we are considering... I'll let you know.. Gonzo, Where did you catch that bad-boy?? I live in Minnesota so fishing is always a favorite passtime...
  2. John Klarkowski

    AutoPro Auto Service Inc.

    Thank you!
  3. John Klarkowski

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    Thanks, guys! I appreciate the compliment!! Yes, we do belong to Angie's List..
  4. John Klarkowski

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    Hello, all! Just wanted to say hi.. It's been a long road... Been in this business 24 years.. Owned my own shop (5 bay) for 13 years.. Realized going from an driveability auto mechanic/tech to a business man took some business education courses (Passion doesn't always cut it!) Hired both ATI and Management Success over the years (Edit this, please, if we aren't supoosed to name drop) so I believe I have a handle on the ever-changing marketing aspects of the business.. Love to share my ideas and receive new ones from others..