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  1. yes I usually hand them a funny cigarette and tell em take a deep breath.....I got the scanner hooked up and this scanner is so wonderful that in five minutes it will not only pinpoint the exact problem tell of any other associated problems and fix them at the same time and we can charge a thousand dollars....here boss here customer inhale deeply.....yes they say now I see it must be fixed hey don't bogart that I say relax its gonna be legal soon....No seriously.....the people who seem to have the hardest time understanding the complexity and time requirements for fixing todays vehicles are clueless as to whats involved .... If your service manager or owner has had time to get their hands dirty, the more they got those hands dirty the more they seem to understand....the less.... the less they seem to understand so hand them the scanner and say can you do it and faster too?...thaz what she... anyways pass the funny cigarette and get to work. AS far as customers its a challenge to make them understand....Yes we are responsible to educate them to the facts...so as the y song says have a hit of fresh air...often times people do understand if you can convey the correct information. I work on Just Answer and help all kinds of people with their auto concerns...so this for the people who don't understand and for those who have been thru the frustration of having to deal with those who dont